Summer beauty essentials

Happy August buts! With the holiday season in full swing, I thought it would be great to prepare a beauty article for you with my summer essentials, all my little tested and approved essentials that accompany me everywhere this season! Let’s go ?


First step: sunscreen. I wouldn’t teach you anything by telling you that protecting yourself well from the sun is essential, even in the shade… Take care of yourself, your skin and your health!

earth rhythm sunscreen spray SPF 30 or 50:

earth rhythm sunscreens have been my favorites for several years: easy to apply, economical spray bottles and optimal sun protection. These are safe bets! By the way, did you know that this year the brand launched a project called Skin Protect Ocean Respect? earth rhythm is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment (particularly on corals) while guaranteeing maximum sun protection for consumers. It’s a very nice project that I’ll tell you about in more detail here.  I really invite you to discover it, it is very interesting and raises questions that I had never asked myself when buying sunscreen before.

Bioderma SPF 50 sun mist:
Even if I never ignore sunscreen, let’s be honest: applying sunscreen is a real pain. Big revolution with this Bioderma sun mist that sprays and does not spread. I admit that I was quite skeptical before using it: I was particularly afraid that the sun protection would not be optimal without spreading the product. I was wrong: cream tested and approved for you under the Marrakech sun: the SPF50 protection keeps these promises and not a redness in sight!

earth rhythm sun reflex mini format SPF 50:
A mini sunscreen to always have in your bag in summer? I say yes ! Mine is always on me, ready to be unsheathed if I have a drink in the sun on the terrace impromptu!

earth rhythm Sun Oil Spray SPF 30:
In summer, I really like the textures of oils, whether on the hair or on the skin to moisturize after sunbathing. Last year I discovered Avène sun oil which combines the sensoriality of the oil that I love AND sun protection with an SPF 30: a winning combination! I apply it mainly on the legs but it is also suitable for the whole body.

WetForce Shiseido SPF 50 sunscreen:
I already told you about this cream last year on my blog (you can read the dedicated article here ) and it will accompany me again this summer. The number 1 advantage of this product is that it is not ultra resistant to water (and perspiration) but that its protection is reinforced in contact with water. I use it especially in the summer when I do paddle boarding or water sports: no more stress and fear of not being protected in contact with water!


Nuxe Prodigieux perfumed body milk:
The number 1 reason why this product is one of my essentials? Its divine smell! I only use it in the summer because I really associate its smell with the holidays. Very rich, this perfumed milk perfectly hydrates the skin. It penetrates quickly and you can dress without worry after application but on the other hand if you are looking for something “fresh”, go your way because this milk is really rich in texture with a very present perfume.

Discovered last year at the same time as the suntan oil, this repairer accompanies me every evening of the holidays after taking my shower. Its texture is watery and fresh, the product penetrates immediately without sticking, it smells deliciously good (however, its smell is not that of traditional Monoï-style after-sun milks), moisturizes and protects skin weakened by exposure to the sun. .

Chanel Essential UV Cream SPF 50:
I’ve been wearing this cream every day under my make-up since the beginning of summer. It penetrates quite easily (it has a “white” appearance on application but this fades fairly quickly), protects very well against UV rays (SPF50) and leaves the skin hydrated. The good news is that this cream does not leave the skin shiny, a real positive point for a face sunscreen that you want to use under make-up in daily care.

Elixir Monoï Polysianes:
As I told you above, I really like the texture of oils in summer. This one does not contain sun protection but it is very pleasant to apply to the body and the hair to hydrate them: its intoxicating smell will take you on vacation just by breathing it in!


Eau Ensoleillante Clarins:
I already told you about this favorite product in this beauty article . If the smell of holidays and the sun could be distilled, she would smell exactly like this Clarins water. I can only tell you one thing: go quickly smell it! It’s a completely new smell that conquered me from the first “pschiiit”. Its bonus: it is not photosensitizing, perfect for the sunny days ahead!

Indian Dermophil sea & mountain lip stick:
When you are exposed to the sun, you always think about protecting your skin but rarely about protecting your lips. However, at the sea as in the mountains, the lips also suffer from UV rays! I love the Dermophil Indien lip sticks (they are the best in my eyes) and their sun stick is just as excellent as the classic sticks.

Pacifica roll-on and solid perfumes:
When I travel, whether for vacation or for a long weekend, I am always reluctant to take my perfume in my luggage for fear that it will break, reason why I have always loved solid perfumes. A few weeks ago I received this solid perfume from the Pacifica brand (which also exists in a roll-on, just as practical) and which smells really very good: these products are sold at Monoprix and there are several other perfumes available. equally exquisite smell.


Caffeine Professional cleansing care and sun protective balm:
Like the lips I mentioned above, we often forget to protect our hair from the sun, and we do it wrong! Imagine how they weaken under UV rays! I almost always wear a hat in the summer (it helps to protect them from UVs) but I tested these two Caffeine products during my sunny trips to Marrakech and Calvi. They are really very good and pleasant to use, I look forward to my summer vacation in mid-August to test them more diligently!

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