Fashion named men’s sweatpants!

Men’s sweatpants are experiencing an unprecedented boom. A few years ago, we probably wouldn’t have believed that these comfortable home clothes would make it to the streets, and in some cases even to the office. Why…

Men’s sweatpants are experiencing an unprecedented boom. A few years ago, we probably wouldn’t have believed that these comfortable home clothes would make it to the streets, and in some cases even to the office. Why not – who wouldn’t like comfort. Try this trend too. Find out how to wear them and what to combine to look stylish.

Men’s joggers are especially popular for outdoor wear . Although initially definitely not a formal outfit, they can be combined to make you look good anywhere, even at a meeting at work. But we also recommend other cuts and types, such as classic loose with cashmere, sports pants , slim fit, etc. Buy pieces from well-known brands . With them, you are sure that you will not only look good, but also that they will fit perfectly.


Starring a sweater

Sports fashion is on the rise. And so to come among the people in sweatpants and sweaters is no longer something that would raise the eyebrows of everyone present. Although you are probably used to the combination of sweater and sweatpants, mainly from home or cottage, do not let yourself be limited by that. If you combine the outfit with quality shoes or sneakers, you score.

Sports jacket for colder weather

Sports jackets are really colorful in terms of patterns and colors. Dare a little and lift dull sweatpants with a stylish upper from a popular brand. Or bet on one color with a small and sober logo. In addition, a jacket and sweatpants can be purchased in a set if you do not want to worry about pairing clothes.

Observe the following not only for sports jackets, but also for other types of jackets. It must fit well and should not be too long . It doesn’t look good on sweatpants, so you’d better leave oversized cuts for another time.

T-shirt for warmer days

The T-shirt and sweatpants is an inseparable pair, but it definitely doesn’t have to look “package-like”. Yes, it is an informal combination. However, if you reach for a well-fitting T-shirt and roll up your sweatpants a little above your ankles, you will create a silhouette like from a fashion magazine. It’s up to you whether you reach for the long fit type or the classic one. T-shirts with a chest pocket are especially popular now. And of course made of natural materials that are breathable and comfortable.

Do you want to look formal? Reach for a jacket or shirt

It probably wouldn’t occur to you to take a jacket to your sweatpants. Go for it! If you want to look more formal, sweatpants don’t have to stay in the closet. We recommend finding a jacket that has a similar color and fabric structure , at least at a glance. Wear a buttoned t-shirt or a knitted sweater under it. However, shirts also understand sweatpants perfectly. Bet on a longer cut.

Sweatpants and a denim jacket are an inseparable pair

You will create another stylish casual look with a combination of sweatpants and a denim jacket . Don’t be afraid to combine different materials, the result is worth it. In addition to the classic blue denim jacket, they are also sold in gray or black variants. Don’t forget a nice hat or cap.

Army style

Do you like military style? Get sweatpants in this pattern. For outdoor wear, get a narrower cut, which is clamped from the knee down to the foot. It fits both a sports jacket and a T-shirt. You can wear them all year round.

Biker jacket

You would probably combine a leather biker jacket with a completely different type of clothing. But don’t be discouraged. It looks great even with sweatpants, especially with joggers and slim fit types. If you have black, reach for black or white-gray army sweatpants. You can also make an impression in a combination of black-burgundy or black-red.

What shoes to wear with sweatpants

Above all, they should be clean so that you do not look like packages. For more formal shoes, watch out. It’s pretty dangerous with low shoes, so you better avoid them. Sneakers, slippers and loafers are a sure bet. If you want to untie a little, you can choose different colored laces. Wear farm shoes in colder weather.

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