Old starter on a journey through China

Even 15 years ago, it would be said young promising (meaning the author). Today, only the “old beginner”, as my friend aptly described after reading the manuscript of my first novel. It might offend someone, but as an eternal optimist, I see that as the beginning. In addition, at the age of forty-one, I can’t expect to be young for anything (not counting arthrosis of the joints or Alzheimer’s). The “old beginner” therefore suits me best.

Today’s article will not primarily be about travel, it will be about a book. The real one, displayed in all the bookstores in the news department. Everyone will be able to browse it, smell it (do you do it too?), Buy it and read it. I started dreaming that I would actually release it one day ago, but only in recent months has my fool’s dream come true.

When I was wandering in unpredictable China many years ago, my partner at the time, who not only barely spoke but was unwilling to listen to what I say, led me to write. Therefore, I furiously began to write down my experiences and feelings in e-mails to family and friends. I didn’t miss the only internet cafe that stood in my way. I was happy to see that people enjoyed my notes. I put even more passion into the travel diary every night and found one amazing thing. I can write much more than I can say. I often blush, narrate my palms and cut my stories in half when I find that a lot of people suddenly listen to me. While writing, I discovered a new universe. I was bolder, more relaxed and, above all, willing to write what I would never say out loud. That’s why I stayed at the keyboard after returning home. It was freedom without immediate criticism. After writing each chapter, I could think indefinitely that I had written it well. And when I stopped thinking, I just wrote it again. That doesn’t go well enough with spoken speech. Every nonsense said will come back to you immediately. And the more crap you say, the longer people will remember it. Writing therefore represented my safe world without critics. Until now!

The book called CHINA UP AND DOWN is finally finished. The era of euphoria playing with the letters, for which I could hide comfortably, was over. On the contrary, it is time to start talking again. Talk about a book that no one else will know about. And talk a lot loud! I didn’t write it just for myself, I wrote it for all of you who want to read it. Fortunately, I won’t see you how you look, but I’m still a little scared. Perhaps established authors also have it, not only beginners, let alone old beginners. But sometimes, if not now!

Perhaps because of, or perhaps in defiance of, my fears, I decided to publish a book at Point Crowdfunding. I’ll find out if there’s any interest in her before she even comes out. And if no one orders it, it just won’t work out and it won’t spoil your libraries, reminding you of the boring moments spent over it (I’m not even talking about wasting money). Pointa publishing house uses one great trick – pre-sale of the book. The principle is simple. The point calculates the cost of publishing a book, which includes the work of many people, such as proofreader, typesetter, graphic artist, illustrator, etc. The author (ie me) then tries to collect this amount in a so-called crowdfunding campaign lasting 30 days. How does it work? Quite simply – crowdfunding basically means crowd funding. You, like a crowd, you will order my book as part of the campaign, and the book will be used for the amount obtained. After all, I say simple as a slap. As part of the campaign, you will learn all about the book, you will be able to read a sample, view a few photos and, above all, order it, even though it will not physically exist. I know it’s a bit of a hare selling in a sack, but small gifts are waiting for you for your courage.

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