8 Types Of Silk Fabrics That Can Be Elegant Decorations At Home. It’s Not Just Clothes!

One type of fabric that has high quality and can be processed into various types of products is silk. Its soft texture makes this type of fabric loved by many people.

Clothing made of silk is relatively more expensive, but users will feel very comfortable when wearing clothes made of this type of fabric.

Silk clothing is suitable for use in hot weather because it can absorb sweat and make the skin feel cool.


However, did you know that apart from being processed into clothes, silk is often processed into various household needs?

Various household products made of silk are also of premium quality and can be sold at relatively higher prices than similar products made of other materials.

You definitely want to know, what are the types of silk fabrics and their functions for household needs?

Silk Fabric Type

Before discussing the various functions of silk for household needs, you need to know that silk is divided into several types.

Here is a variety of silk that you can choose according to your taste.

1. Silk Taffeta

silk taffeta

This type of silk has a glossy color and a very soft texture.

If you want to add embroidery or embroidery, silk taffeta is the type of silk that is suitable for you to apply various creations.

2. Paper Silk

type of silk paper silk

Well, if this type of silk has a stiffer texture than other types of silk.

However, the texture still feels smooth and looks beautiful with warm pastel colors .

3. Nep Silk

nep silk

This type of silk fabric has a thin texture and has stripes similar to chiffon.

4. Raw Silk

raw silk

Raw silk is a type of silk fabric made from 100% silk fiber. Because it is pure silk fiber,  raw silk is relatively expensive.


5. Dupion Silk

dupion silk

In general, dupion silk looks similar to raw silk , but is slightly wrinkled and thinner in texture.

6. Dupioni Silk

dupioni silk type fabric

This type of fabric is similar to dupion silk , but is slightly thicker and has a similar pattern to cloth that has been exposed to drizzling water.

7. Thai Silk

Thai silk

Thai silk has a very glossy, smooth, and non-stiff appearance.

8. Japanese Silk

japanese silk

In general, Japanese silk has a texture similar to Thai silk , but is softer and more expensive.

Functions of Silk Fabrics for Household Needs

After discussing the various types of silk, it’s time to know the function of silk for various household needs.

Let ‘s check the list below!

1. Silk Fabric Curtains

silk fabric curtains

If you want your home interior to look elegant and shiny, try curtains made of silk.

2. Carpet

silk cloth carpet

Some types of carpets also use silk as the basic material.

The texture is very soft, making residents and guests feel at home for long sitting on the silk carpet.

However, you can’t just wash silk carpets carelessly.

Use a dry cleaning technique so that the silk fibers on the carpet are not damaged.

3. Silk Fabric Bed Sheet

silk bed sheet

The softness of silk makes it feel comfortable when directly in contact with the skin.

In addition, the advantage of bed linen made of silk is that it is very strong and can be used for a long time.

4. Tablecloth

silk cloth tableclothUse a tablecloth made of silk. Guaranteed, the special guests you invite to have dinner together will be impressed!

5. Silk Cloth Blanket

silk blanket

Silk can also be used as a blanket upholstery .

Besides being warm, this type of blanket will also feel soft on the skin.

In appearance, a silk blanket will make your bedroom look more elegant.

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