Exotic holidays in the overseas territories of mainland Europe

An exotic holiday like from a movie, and yet you still follow the rules and laws of Europe. The overseas territories of mainland Europe were a kind of certainty during the pandemic that nothing could surprise you. In this article, I have put together a few of these cities, which are theoretically part of Europe because they are under the administration of European countries, but they are not so far apart by distance.

You can fly to beautiful islands, some closer, others further and have an unforgettable holiday in exotics. Get ready for the turquoise sea in the Caribbean and untouched nature in the Atlantic or Indian Ocean.


The Netherlands is in charge of several overseas territories. I’ll tell you more about Aruba and Sint Maarten.

Aruba Island

If you’ve ever played a Travelhack memory game , you’re sure to know Aruba. If you have been here, you are very lucky. It is not exactly the cheapest destination, but it is a complete paradise for honeymoons . Just as piglets are typical of the Bahamas , flamingos are typical of Aruba.

Holidaymakers often come here for the so-called wreck diving – they dive and observe not corals, but shipwrecks. The most popular location for this type of diving is Antilla Shipwreck. After googleing the photos, it quite tempted me! Should we treat ourselves to Aruba next season? Let’s be surprised! ?


Saint Martin Island

The island of Saint Martin is divided into two parts – French (Saint Martin), which is governed by French law, and Dutch (Sint Maarten), which is governed by Dutch law. It pays to see both, because there are beautiful views from the French side and a busy nightlife from the Dutch side.

Whatever you choose, you will not regret it. As I already wrote, if you succeed, then visit both, you will have it as two in one. The most popular is Maho beach in the Dutch part, because as you can see in the photo, you can literally be here to touch from landing planes. One of my dreams, even though we experienced almost the same thing at the Greek Skiathos ! ?

Saint Maarten

Great Britain

Britain manages it much more than other countries and I choose those places that are a great tip for a girl.

Caymans and Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean

I visited both islands during the cruise . The Caymans were one of the best islands we visited in the Caribbean. It is a paradise not only thanks to the beaches, but also taxes. The beaches that are here are fabulously white and clean, the sea is full of shells and is lined with palm trees, which are a perfect shelter from the heat. For me, it was the best port from our cruise right here He was relatively small and had nice shops.

The island of Grand Turk, which we visited within the Turks & Caicos Islands , is a clear leader in terms of water purity. Who is looking for a paradise with water, like from postcards, this is an island to go to. 4,800 people live here and everyone knows everyone. It has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean and people live here literally with their doors open.


Gibraltar is the only one in this article that is on the European mainland, but it is so special that I have nevertheless added it here. It is the mainland point of Europe closest to Africa, separated by the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Atlantic with the Mediterranean. Britain is in charge of defense and international relations, other issues are handled here.

In the photo below you can see practically the whole of Gibraltar. It is located on a limestone rock, where the cable car leads and from there there is a brutal view! Up to Africa! ? The only mainland route to Gibraltar intersects with an international airport, and this is a unique crossroads, run by conventional traffic lights. So you can walk across the runway here, because otherwise you can’t.

There is only one European colony of monkeys on the peninsula, which are very intrusive to rude. This is because they pamper them, because according to legend, as long as there are monkeys in Gibraltar, the peninsula will be British. However, it is a trip for a maximum of one day, so adapt your holiday accordingly.



From France, I chose the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean and Martinique in the Caribbean.

Reunion in the Indian Ocean

Reunion Island belongs to the European Union as it is part of France. You pay in euros here, roaming and the internet are like in Europe. Prices are also high in shops and food is more expensive here than in our country by about 10-15%. The beaches are clean and the people are similar to mainland France – reluctant to use English, they are very nice, but somehow extremely and extremely uninteresting. The predominant Creole cuisine is simply excellent.

Reunion is beautiful with volcanic mountains with unrepeatable views and the whole is divided into national parks. It’s hard to choose which one to visit. Reunion has really beautiful mountains, you can also go a trek through the mountains for several days. Pavol Barabáš even climbed a beautiful waterfall with the game and they made this film about it .


Martinique in the Caribbean 

The volcanic island of Martinique in the Caribbean is another of several French overseas departments. So you will find here a combination of European standards with great exoticism. You can travel here practically at any time of the year without having to change money or obtain extra travel documents. All you need is our ID card, if you do not plan to visit the surrounding islands.

It is washed by the azure sea and flowers are still blooming here. The weather is beautiful sunny, it is rarely 20 ° C. And what to do or see here? Definitely the capital of Fort-de-France or the active volcano Mont Pelée, which is the highest point of the island and offers perfect tourism. You can watch birds or snorkel here.

Martinique, exotic vacation


Portugal also has territories it manages outside of mainland Europe. I’ll tell you about both.

Madeira Island

Total exotics in Europe? It’s Madeira . With a transfer in Lisbon , you can get here for less than 50 €. The most beautiful is said to be in the spring, when everything blooms and turns green. However, spring is not very suitable for swimming in the ocean, because the Atlantic is still relatively cold. Rent a car and cross the island according to you, taste everything I have to offer you, because it is worth it and most importantly enjoy the island of eternal spring.

We often think of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean near Europe as expensive. At the same time, we can vacation on them for the same money as in classic holiday destinations.



The Azores are a paradise for me until it can be described. These are the greenest islands I’ve ever seen , full of hot springs, lakes and waterfalls.

The Azores is located 1,500 km from Lisbon and around 3,900 km from the east coast of North America. It is an archipelago of 9 islands: Sao Miguel , Terceira, Pico, Flores, Graciosa, Corvo, Sao Jorge, Faial and Santa Maria. Most tourists come to the largest island of Sao Miguel, some also go to Terceira, Pico or Flores. Those who have been to several islands say that each is something different and special.

In my view, the best months to visit the Azores are May, June, September and October. April and October may already be colder and, most importantly, rainier. Anyway, I recommend going anytime! It’s really a dream destination.

Faroe Islands under the administration of Denmark

Denmark administers two islands outside its mainland. The first overseas territory is giant Greenland, and closer to Europe they are the untouched Faroe Islands. I dare say that the Faroe Islands are similar to Iceland , but getting there is more time-consuming and costly than, for example, a direct flight from Vienna to Iceland and a low-cost flight.

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands in the Atlantic, between Iceland and Europe (Scotland). They are an autonomous region belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. Since 1948, they have been able to decide independently on most matters except defense and foreign policy.

And is it worth traveling here? Unleashed nature, changeable weather, fishing and sheep farming, endless Atlantic, Nordic culture, unreal cliffs with amazing waterfalls and a paradise for tourists. Does that sound familiar to you? I write that they are similar to Iceland. ? You can fly directly from Prague, Copenhagen or Edinburgh, for example, with transfers it is less comfortable.

Faroe Islands

Spanish Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, like the Faroe Islands, are the autonomous community of Spain, which also administers the Balearic Islands –  Ibiza , Menorca and Mallorca . The Canary Islands consist of 13 islands , 6 of which are uninhabited and the 4 main islands are Tenerife, Fuerteventura , Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. Each of the islands offers visitors something different, but direct flights from Slovakia, black beaches, eternal spring and Atlantic waters all have in common.

Tenerife is the largest of the islands with the highest peak in all of Spain. Pico de Teide, the highest peak in Spain, is located off the mainland. You will eat well here, you will bathe, you will have beautiful views and nice memories. Lanzarote is a volcanic island with cacti, beaches and unforgettable moments.

On Fuerteventura you will find sandy beaches, clear ocean, desert landscape, perfect conditions for surfing. Gran Canaria offers beautiful countryside, beaches, luxury resorts and many active holiday options.

Just choose and know that you will never make a bad decision and there is still something to discover.

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