How to select best Sports Sandals

When hearing about the Teva brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic sandal perfect for adventure trips. When you decide to take a trip to nature with friends or family, it is recommended that you always take good quality and resistant equipment with you, as well as a good pair of sports sandals.

Teva is a leading brand in sales of sandals, characterized by excellence in its various models, which offer you the comfort and support necessary for you to practice outdoor activities such as hiking. This is an activity that allows you to be in contact with nature, outdoors and under the sunlight.

Teva Hiking Sandals

Sandal models for Trekking

Although you can easily go hiking or take long walks with any type of sports shoes or boots specifically for this purpose, you should know that these do not offer the necessary and favorable conditions to maintain the comfort and safety of your feet.

Your feet could end up mistreated, with ailments and discomfort on the day of the excursion, which will limit your adventure and the enjoyment of the occasion. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose a good pair of Teva sandals, as they easily adjust to your foot and your needs.

  • The straps are easy to put on and adjust. Because it does not have finger support, it is recommended that you tighten the front strap tightly with the back strap.
  • Teva uses a velcro system that is durable over time.
  • The sole of the Teva has decent grip.
  • The sandals, in general, are not as thick as other similar hiking sandals, which gives them a peculiar lightness.
  • Resistant to water and soil.
  • The Teva insole is quite comfortable and easy to dry, it is antimicrobial which generates less odor.
  • Features a shock pad on the heal.
  • It is a versatile shoe, you can use it to be at home, shopping, at work, in the office, for long walks, hiking, camping and excursions; as well as during water sports such as Kayaking, among others.
  • They are usually casual, with varied and colorful designs.
  • Its materials are resistant and of good quality.
  • Quite competitive prices on the market.