The human body works thanks to nutrients, minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin D, for proper functioning. Fortunately, they are acquired naturally or through food, although sometimes it is necessary to use supplements.

Likewise, an “orderly” life with healthy habits in which sports are practiced, a healthy diet is carried out , family relationships and frequent friendships are maintained, favors the aforementioned.

Vitamin D is essential for growth and also helps absorb calcium, the main component of bones. The deficit of both could have as a consequence a greater probability of osteoporosis.

Healthy alternatives should be sought to absorb these nutrients, for example, the frequent consumption of nuts is recommended . Also, the habit of sunbathing is very beneficial.

5 nuts that contain vitamin D

Nuts not only provide vitamin D, but also multiple health benefits such as Omega 3, essential to maintain the proper functioning and conditions of the body over the years. Finding dried fruit at a good price is not easy, but in dried fruit online at Teresa Mate , they are of great quality.

sunflower seeds

Sometimes it is difficult to obtain vitamin D from food, but with the help of sunflower seeds it is possible to extract it efficiently. They also provide a great load of nutrients, not to mention that they are ideal to avoid cardiovascular diseases.


Almonds are part of the nuts that provide vitamin D and although they certainly provide more fat, there is a solution or trick that is to consume almond vegetable drink, since it is lower in fat.


It is no secret that walnuts are potentially energetic and provide many nutrients. As with other fruits, they include benefits such as vitamin B and minerals such as copper and magnesium. On the other hand, keep in mind that walnuts are highly recommended for memory and brain health.

flax seeds

Flax seeds provide vitamin D when they are not treated, so you have to make sure which ones you are buying. Among its properties, they help to better absorb calcium, but they also offer other benefits, such as omega 3.

Nuts generate a multitude of health benefits, in addition to providing vitamin D, they prevent diseases and can help delay cellular aging. In the Teresa Mate dried fruit store , founded by María Teresa Muñoz Mate and its CEO, you will find a wide variety at the best price.

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