This Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 price leak is too good to be true

Samsung will unveil its 2021 foldable devices next week during an unprecedented event. For the first time since it introduced the Galaxy Note series, Samsung will not release a new model this year. Instead, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 will be the main stars of the August 11th Unpacked event. Both foldables will deliver better hardware than their predecessors and should be significantly more durable than the others. Fold and flip phones. Newer phones may also be more affordable. The price of the Flip 3 will certainly impress if the new leak turns out to be accurate. The Fold 3 will carry a higher cost, as expected for a larger foldable phone, which is obviously a Note replacement. But Samsung already has some new deals that could bring your costs down significantly.

A new leak from Europe seems to confirm the previous rumor. The Flip 3 could be priced very attractively this year, while the Fold 3 will be Samsung’s most expensive new foldable.


A few days ago, an alleged Fold 3 and Flip 3 for the European Union region was listed on the online store. The leak indicated that the 256 GB Galaxy Z Fold 3 will cost 2029 euros (including VAT). 128 GB Galaxy Z Flip price was 1182 euros (including VAT). There is a reason why we do not convert these prices into dollars. A direct conversion will not give us a US price. This is because EU countries include VAT in their pricing structures.

Instead, comparisons to the Fold 2 and the original Flip prices would make more sense. The Fold 2 cost around €2,020 in Europe at launch and $2,000 in the US. The Flip was priced at €1,359 at launch last year – $1,380 in the US.

Is the Flip 3 better priced than the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

If the previous Fold 3 and Flip 3 price leak is accurate, then the Flip 3 will get a significant discount. In Fold 3, not so much. This brings us to the latest Fold 3 and Flip 3 price leak from Europe.

The leak claims that the 256 GB Fold 3 will cost 2009 euros, the 512 GB model will cost 2099 euros. If the numbers are correct, then the Fold 3 will have almost the same price as the Fold 2. But it could actually be 512GB. Fold 3 is here. Just €90 for 256GB of extra storage is too good to be true.


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