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Not one of us has to play sports and gain muscle mass in our Wishlist. The right sportswear is combined with this. You no longer have to go to the gym in sweatpants and a torn T-shirt. We will advise…

Not one of us has to play sports and gain muscle mass in our wishlist. The right sportswear is combined with this. You no longer have to go to the gym in sweatpants and a torn T-shirt. We will advise you on how to dress and look chic.

Nothing motivates a person more than new sportswear . Thanks to it, exercise is much easier and more fun. You don’t have much experience with exercise yet and you don’t know how to choose? We will be happy to guide you through the selection.

It wouldn’t be possible without shoes

Shoes are the absolute basis. You can go to work in uncomfortable shoes, but you would be really upset when you exercise.

Sports shoes are divided according to the type of activity you will perform. Running shoes have a different function than shoes for lifting heavy dumbbells. A flexible sole is suitable for running, which will effectively absorb hard shocks in the event of an impact. This will protect your knee and ankle. On the other hand, when exercising with dumbbells and machines , shoes with straight soles are better. That’s why you can often see athletes in the Converse and Vans brands. Possibly completely without shoes, because they allow them to balance and spread their fingers better.

Don’t be afraid to choose shoes long and hard , it’s an investment in your health.

Running shoes

Leggings must not slip on your body

High waist, drawstring and lock key pocket. This is what the right sports leggings look like. Of course, they must also sit perfectly, not slip down and not highlight anything unwanted in the lap area.

Subject the leggings to a short movement test. Do a few lunges, squats, run for a while and see if they are strangling or pushing you somewhere. The ultimate test is a transparency test. Stand with your back to the mirror and lean forward or squat. Does your underwear shine through? Try a seamless or body color. Is it still visible? Return the leggings or wear the top in extended length.

Sports leggings.

T-shirt or top depending on the weather

There is probably nothing wrong with the top. Most importantly, get more, so you can wash them often. Usually nothing will save them after the first sweating. A great choice is a functional material that takes sweat away from the body the faster it dries. Have a variant with straps, short and long sleeves on hand. You will usually use all 3 variants during the year.

The bra ensures comfort even during demanding movement

The bra is more important than the top . It must fit you perfectly and keep your bust in place. Try to jump in it a few times and evaluate whether something hurts somewhere.

For larger chests, always choose wider straps . Not only will they provide great support, but they won’t cut into your shoulders yet.

In the market you will find pieces that stretch over the head, but also fasten at the front, which you will appreciate after training, when you sweat. Your sports bra must not be loose , on the contrary it should be slightly compressive.

Sport bra.

Underwear wicks away moisture

Beware of polyester and lace. They are not breathable, and they are also visible under everything. You should feel fresh even after an hour during sports. The best choice is cotton, which absorbs sweat, but at the same time sweat does not decompose so quickly.

Polyamide is excellent , which is a substance that wicks away sweat, dries quickly, is soft to the touch and adapts perfectly to movement . Used on underwear for runners.

Seamless pieces of neutral colors with a higher waist are definitely suitable. Few people will really notice them under the leggings, and they will not disturb and distract you in any way.

Clothes and tools can fit in a sports bag

Where to put all the listed clothes? Well, into a sports bag.

It must be bulky with lots of pockets. Put a lock with a key, paper clips, rubber bands and disinfectant in them . It’s great when the bag has a separate compartment for a wet towel , clothes and shoes. This minimizes the chance that the contents of the bag will get wet and then start to smell.

Of course, you can also fit various tools in your bag, with which the exercise is a bit more pleasant – weights, short and long rubbers, a strengthening wheel, a skipping rope and much more. you can buy gym wear at Colombia sportswear .

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