Things You Need to Know Before Buying Perfect Jeans

Today, each of us has at least one at home. They are ideal when we are going to work, to school, to the city, on a first date, for coffee with a friend or, for example, to the cinema. They are worn by preschool children, students, businessmen, mothers and, in short, everyone. We are talking about trousers that conquered the whole world many decades ago – jeans. And we will focus on the history of the origin of jeans in today’s article. 

None of us can imagine life without jeans at the moment. This immortal fashion piece has become an indispensable part of our lives and is worn by almost everyone. But do you know for what purpose the jeans were originally sewn, where they come from, who wore them the most, what their function was, who made them famous and how their name came about? You can read about all this and many other interesting things in the following article.

What is the history of jeans?

Today, it is one of the most popular fashion pieces in every wardrobe. But where did the jeans come from and what is their history?

The history of jeans dates back to 1853 . At the time, a gold rush had broken out in California and everyone longed to become a millionaire. Young man Levi Strauss also longed for big money, and he began to think about how he could get rich as best he could and whether trading in quality substances could become a way for him to make big money. His dream came true and in the same year Levi Strauss founded Levi Strauss & Co., where he offered fabrics.

Tailor Jacob Davis also started buying fabrics from him at that time, who in 1870 came up with a simple idea of ​​how it would be very easy to make stronger trousers than those offered so far.

Jacob Davis began to rivet the top corner of the pockets, significantly extending their life, as the pockets could not be torn easily. On May 20, 1873 , Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented these quality pants. This date is therefore considered the day of the birth of jeans .

The most famous jeans in the world

Shortly after the jeans were patented, the most well-known model of the so-called levis was created – namely Levi’s 501 , which is very popular to this day.

However, this type of clothing at the time was not called as jeans, but as belt overalls and was considered a workers’ fashion .

These overalls had one back pocket with a stitched hem, a watch pocket, a suspender button and a button flap. Over the years, jeans have undergone several innovations – pockets, belt loops have been added, suspender buttons have been removed and a trademark has been added.

Belt overalls began to be referred to as jeans only in 1960 , when the company adopted this official name mainly thanks to the young people who most often called overalls. This name has taken hold and has been preserved to this day.

Worker’s clothing fashion icon

The biggest revolution in the field of denim trousers was recorded in the 1930s, when jeans ceased to be considered only workers’ clothing, but a symbol of the West The first jeans in Europe were sewn in 1948 at the Mustang Jeans factory, which later earned the first jeans .

Over time, almost the whole world fell in love with jeans. They were also worn by stars such as James Dean, Marlon Brando or Marilyn Monroe, who also presented jeans in their films, and suddenly got into the subconscious of really everyone.

Bell jeans , for example, have been a big hit in the past . These were available in Czechoslovakia only in Tuzex and were a unique symbol of freedom. However, bell jeans are still available today and their fashion is constantly returning over the years.

How did jeans come about? History of jeans.

Jeans or Texas?

And why the label jeans? This word is derived mainly from dye blue gene or Genoese blue, which was used to dye denim.

Czech name jeans originated from the name of an Italian clothing company that produced and sold jeans throughout Europe in the second half of the 20th century.

Today, the term is really rarely used jeans is derived from Texas cowboys who liked these pants around World War I.

Designation jeans was created after 2010 by combining the words jeans and leggings.

Absolute masters of their field

In addition to the Levi’s brand , which is behind the birth of jeans, the Wrangler and Lee brands can also be considered absolute leaders in their field . Their jeans, which have a variety of cuts and shades, are bought by millions of customers around the world every day.

But Levi’s, Wrangler and Lee are not the only jeans retailers. Nowadays, it would be very difficult to count how many retailers this immortal and unique fashion hit offers us. However, it is not at all surprising. The higher the demand, the higher the supply. And since interest in jeans is still rising very steeply and rapidly, so is their very wide and varied range. So whatever jeans you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the right ones.

Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler

Levi’s also offers its customers an assortment other than just jeans, but their best-known piece is the 501, which has already sold over 4 billion pieces and is still very popular today.

The Lee brand has a relatively remarkable start. Originally, it was a grocery store that had a problem importing clothes for its employees. So the Lee brand decided to make the clothes themselves. With this step, the food business suddenly became a trend-setting brand with a clear goal – to dress the whole company and family.

On the contrary, such an icon named Wrangler bet from the very beginning mainly on the dress of cowboys and rodeo riders. Wrangler jeans have always been very durable and comfortable. To this day, they rely on unique elements that set them apart – others, for example, about color stitching of pockets or specific buttons.

What is the history of denim?

So whether you prefer straight, skinny, high waist, hipsters, bells, carrots, wide, loose, light or dark, jeans are simply an integral part of our daily lives and it only depends on us what cut and color we choose and what they are then we combine. Jeans are an indispensable part of today’s outfits and each of us should have at least one quality in our wardrobe. Checkout levi’s latest Jeans Collection .

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