Amazing Silk Dress Varieties Today

The modern variety of natural and artificial fabrics makes it possible to satisfy the most demanding tastes in the choice of dresses. Silk dresses occupy a special place in them. It not only looks luxurious, but also has unique properties that allow beneficial effects on human health.

Material Features

Silk, like any natural material, has its advantages and disadvantages. It has high breathability, providing comfort on the hottest days. Silk not only absorbs moisture perfectly, but also evaporates quickly. He immediately gained body temperature, so as not to cause any discomfort. Silk is resistant to organic solvents.

It is not electrified, has high strength and long service life. In addition, clothes made of silk are not pulled out and do not sit. The silk fabric is very light and drapes well. But it is worth noting the advantages associated with the composition of silk.


Rich in protein, amino acids and proteins, silk material has healing and rejuvenating properties. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and improves blood flow. Silk proteins slow down the aging process of skin cells, keeping moisture in them. They smooth wrinkles and have a healing effect.

Silk has a positive effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. It restores damage to the hair structure and protects against negative external influences. In addition, silk prevents dust mites and mold, which makes life easier for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Among the disadvantages of silk can be noted its instability at high temperatures. Durable under favorable conditions, it will break down at temperatures above110 ° Cand by long-term direct contact with ultraviolet radiation. Many types of silk are easy to knead, and drops of water that fall on them leave stains. Another disadvantage is the very high price, which is justified due to the labor intensity of production.

Silk varieties

Many types of silk were known in China long before our time. Among them are gas silk, solid silk, complex woven silk and with various patterns. Today, there are a large number of its varieties. Distinguish dense and thin silk, wet and harvested. It may have different external features and qualities depending on the country of origin.

The largest suppliers today are China, India, Uzbekistan and Japan. At different periods of history, sericulture grew in each country, or lost its productive power. However, silk has never lost its relevance. He has an extraordinary story that shows him respect, both in the distant past and in the present. Check Out Products at


Silk had the most value in ancient civilizations and the early Middle Ages. They learned how to produce it in China and for a long time for disclosure of information about how it was accepted, that person faced the death penalty. The source of silk thread is silkworms, which isolate it after eating mulberry leaves. They form a cocoon, which is then pulled out and silk is produced.

At that time only the rich could use silk cloth. Silk brought great profits to China, resold among countries at a higher price, which could not help but mourn the merchants. This situation stimulated diplomatic negotiations and the establishment of the Silk Road. He squirmed to Byzantium and allowed him to buy cloth at no extra margin.


There is a legend about how we managed to uncover the secret of making silk. This gave impetus to the development of sericulture in several countries at once. However, none of them succeeded in driving China out of the industry. Natural silk is a unique material, its production method has not changed for thousands of years.



Most natural materials have synthetic counterparts. Silk is no exception. It was conceived about its creation in the 17th century, but appeared only at the end of the 19th century. Rayon wanted to be as close to nature as possible. After noticing that natural silk is composed of cellulose, the decision to make the same, but artificially, did not take long to wait.

As a result, we received fabrics with the common names of viscose or acetate silk. He cannot repeat all the features of natural silk, but some of the characteristics go beyond its practical nature. Viscose is a soft, smooth, shiny material. It is similar to natural fabrics that allow air and absorb moisture. Viscose clothes do not wrinkle, they are durable and inexpensive.



Wet silk is a dense silk fabric with a matte velvet surface. In its manufacture using natural or synthetic fibers. Sources of natural materials are Chinese and Japanese silk. Among them are popular: dupont, charmeuse and fi.

Eco-friendly natural wet silk. It’s durable, lightweight, nicely wrapped. But it is a fairly expensive material that wrinkle quickly, loses its color when exposed to direct sunlight and is very fussy to maintain. Wet silk can not be washed and given otparivat, given for dry cleaning. You can iron with a warm iron using an ironing device.


Rayon is made of polyester fiber. This fabric is soft, durable, doesn’t wrinkle and keeps its shape. In addition, it is much cheaper, although it does not have good hygroscopic properties.



Among the dense silk fabrics used for dresses, we can distinguish toile, satin, satin, crepe and taffeta. Tual is a brilliant material that keeps its shape well. Satin – a smooth, shiny and silky material. Atlas has properties and appearance similar to satin. Crepe – coarse, with a slight sheen, does not crease and hangs well. Stiff, plastic taffeta.


The silk harvest is produced by the prolonged action of the press on the material. As a result, the fabric forms a large number of folds. The creases are retained in the fabric and make it look wrinkled. For its manufacture using a type of thin silk fabric. Dresses made of pressed silk are the choice of young people for daily, cocktail, evening or wedding dresses. Due to the intricate texture of the fabric, dresses made of crushed silk keep it away from the skin, allowing it to breathe better and hiding some figure flaws. It cannot be ironed, and you need to store it bent.


Chiffon, gas, and organza are types of sheer silk. Chiffon is a rough fabric that creases well. Organza is transparent and rigid. The gas is light, transparent, does not shine and is perfectly shaped.


Coupon silk is a material with a printed pattern. The size of the pattern on the fabric varies depending on its location. The closer to the edge, the bigger it is. The pattern can be abstract, geometric or floral. Different fabric arrangements for patterns allow you to create different options for dresses.

Coupon silk is soft, hygienic, beautifully shiny and high temperature resistant. Due to the average density of the material, it hangs well. Dresses from coupon silk look stylish, feminine and create the main accent in the image. Therefore, accessories for him choose monophonic and do not attract special attention.


Italian silk differs from silk of other manufacturers in a wide variety and good quality. This advantage has become his trademark in the 13th century. Italian silk is one of the elite materials. Dresses made of Italian silk are durable, lightweight and hygroscopic. Italian silk is characterized by a higher density and elegant appearance.

Sericulture at the beginning of the last century was a significant branch of agriculture in Italy. However, competition with Japan, the wide distribution of synthetic fiber materials have an impact on this industry. Currently, seric maintenance is only maintained in certain parts of Lombardy.


The share of Uzbek silk on the world market is about 3%. In its production, ancient methods of weaving and dyeing are used. Thanks to manual production, it is considered unique in the world. In addition, only natural dyes are involved in staining. The silk production institute, located on the territory of Uzbekistan, developed new types of silkworms and mulberry trees.


Chinese silk is the oldest in the world. It has a smoother surface. China is the undisputed leader in silk production. Its share is about half of world production. Sericulture is a key industry for several regions of China. High quality silk can be found in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. The best type is used for brocade production.

But with all this, not all silk produced in China is of good quality. The same thing happened with India, Uzbekistan. Today, raw silk from China is imported into Italy. Although the products of Italian production, as a rule, are of a higher quality. The finest silk in the world is produced in England and France.

How to choose

The choice of a silk dress, like any other, should be based on the features of the image. Since silk can be glossy or matte, flowing or very dense, for any woman you can choose the most advantageous option.

Glossy fabrics add volume, so for a full figure it is better to choose dresses made of matte fabrics. In this case, if a woman has a clear waistline, then the fabric can flow. This dress will emphasize the softness and femininity of the silhouette. If the waist is not expressed, then the fabric must retain its shape. In this case, the waist should be designed with a belt or belt.

Dresses with drape at the waist allow you to create a more fragile silhouette, so they can also be recommended for women with full figures. The curtains in the upper part of the dress will match the female silhouette with a pear-type figure, and in the lower part – an inverted triangle. Women with broad shoulders should refuse dresses with asymmetrical tops. This dress is suitable for women with wide hips.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the material. Natural silk in appearance can be easily distinguished from artificial. The structure of natural silk is uneven. Glitter in natural fabrics varies at different angles. When burned, the silk thread does not melt, but burns. At the same time, it has a characteristic odor, like burning hair or wool.

Elegant and beautiful style and model

Thanks to the softness of silk, the dresses look very feminine. They flow, overflow. They are complemented by equally subtle lace insets, obtaining a harmonious image. Combined shirts and dresses are gaining popularity.

On a thin rope

Dresses on thin straps are made for sensual women, they show the beauty of the shoulders. These dresses can be intended for publication, especially if the image is complemented by an elegant cape. It is worth considering that this evening dress is suitable for slim women with a triangular and hourglass body type. From such a dress is to refuse women of the type of rectangular shape and an inverted triangle. Thin straps are able to maximize the line of the shoulders, sometimes distorting the proportional shape.

clothes combination

The dress combination is a version of a silk dress with thin straps. It belongs to the current style of linen clothing and is growing in popularity. Such a bold decision could make a girl with a good figure. Since the combination dress shows a tight fit, any flaws in the image will be noticeable in it.

Dress up

The dresses, in different outfits, have a free cut, medium length and stand-up collar. This is a convenient everyday choice for different seasons, depending on the material. The dress can be monophonic or with a pattern. If the dress is an image, then the accessory should not attract attention. And vice versa, a monophonic dress will be added by an original bag or another, no less interesting accessory.

Long sleeve

Silk dresses with long sleeves can be asymmetrical, contrasting, slim and loose. It is discreet and allows you to show the beauty of the fabric. Silk dresses with accents on the waist and long sleeves are perfect for women with a rectangular type, as well as for full women with a defined waist.

With lace

Silk dresses with lace are included in the selection of cocktails and evening dresses. The lace in this dress serves as an insert. In combination with silk, dresses with lace inserts on the back, neckline or at the bottom of the product look beautiful.

Silk and chiffon

The combination of silk and chiffon in the dress creates the impression of airy flight. Silk is the main material, the cut of which repeats the silhouette. Chiffon complements the dress, creates volume, wraps like a cloud, the skirt and bodice of the dress. This dress looks expensive and will cover up any imperfections in the image.



The length of the dress can be long and short.


Long called a dress to the floor. The choice of this evening dress for everyday wear or special occasions.

Short – this is another version of the dress. It can be a casual summer dress or a cocktail dress on the way out.

The actual color

In the new season, traditional colors remain relevant: black, white, blue, red. In addition, pink and green remain popular. Animal and vegetable prints, geometric prints and mosaics are in vogue.


Polka dots – a classic print, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. In the new season, peas are very diverse. These can be large and small, traditional or bright colors. In one dress can be combined different types of peas. In addition, he can participate in compositions with circles or buttons.




Black dresses are considered the most elegant since Chanel. It has not lost its relevance in modern times. A black dress will emphasize a slim figure and tone up the silhouette. It will give a note of mystery, inaccessibility and will suit any woman.




A red dress will suit women with a bright and contrasting appearance. It makes you pay attention to yourself, is a symbol of passion and perseverance. A man represents a woman in a cheerful and bold red dress.



The blue dress does not attract the attention of others. It adapts to the way of business. However, some shades of blue create an aura of romance. Women who prefer blue dresses are responsible and patient.



A pink dress can afford a woman with a slender figure, as it tends to be complete. This dress sets a secret conversation, uplifts the spirits.



A green dress of rich shades will suit calm women who lead a measured life and do not try to drastically change everything. Green is energizing and helps to overcome any fear.


flower print

Floral print – one of the most common in women’s dresses. This allows a woman to feel brighter, often original and more powerless. Little wildflowers are unlikely to fit into fashion trends. Flowers should be bright, large, and realistic. Noble types of flowers should be chosen: roses, peonies, lilies.

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