How to store clothes properly?

We do things in the closet so automatically that we don’t think about it too much. But how to make work easier and store clothes so that we extend its life and at the same time make efficient use of space?

How to store clothes properly?

You should always wash the laundry before storing it. Store clothes ideally in the dark. But the choice of a hanger or folding of clothes is also important. Remember that it is better to fold woolen and heavier things and put them on the shelf so that they do not come out on the hanger. A peg hanger is better for skirts. 

Hang shirts or jackets on hangers, ideally wooden or plastic. This is because clothes, unlike wire hangers, will not deform.

Choose the types of cabinets according to your space options and what types of clothes predominate in your country. 

  • for a transitional period and less space, choose clothes racks
  • for large bedrooms, choose wardrobes with combined shelves and clothes rails, or built-in wardrobes, which represent a large amount of storage space 
  • a drawer can be used for underwear and accessories

Clothes locker.

Clear organizers 

In order to have an overview of where you have a piece of clothing in the closet itself, it is essential that you have convenient access to all the pieces. Or at least to the ones you plan to wear at the moment. Practical organizers for cabinets will help you to do this . They will help you neatly store underwear, belts, ties, socks or stockings.

Dressing room

Holders for accessories 

In the closets, you don’t have to settle for just shelves or a hanging rod. Thanks to the accessories in the cabinet, you will save another piece of space. They are practical:

  • tie holders
  • trouser hanger
  • telescopic poles
  • pull-out shelves for shoes
  • wire baskets 
  • pull-out tray for jewelry and accessories
  • shelf lighting (it won’t save you space, but it looks nice again and is also practical)

What to avoid? 

Also keep in mind that if you store things correctly, they will not be crumpled and will therefore save you some extra time. This also applies to layering clothes on a hanger. One should hold a maximum of 5 pieces of clothing , but the less you need, the better for you. The hangers will not be so heavily loaded, so you can comfortably get to the pieces you need. 

Also watch out for moths . There are chemicals against pests, but they usually don’t smell good. But you can also do it the natural way – lavender, cinnamon or orange peel. Just put them in a breathable bag and put them in the laundry.

When dealing with pests, it is necessary to pay attention to mold, which is abundant, especially in newly insulated flats or less ventilated areas. If mold is already present in your storage area and it happens that some clothes also hit, nothing is still lost . Frequent ventilation is the only effective solution against mold.

Seasonal clothes 

If you are struggling with space in a closet, relieve it by hiding seasonal things in boxes or bags and placing them where they will not interfere with you. These can be spaces above the wardrobe, storage spaces under the bed, under the couch, storage room, or even a cellar, if you do not have too much cold and humidity in it. But remember that before storing clothes, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • if the clothing label allows it, always wash the clothing before storage 
  • never store wet clothes 
  • you can place a bag of lavender or cinnamon in a sack or box to repel moths
  • if you need to save space, use vacuum bags

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