How to dress on a first date?

Have you met online and is your first appointment waiting for you? We have some tips for you on how to shine and make a great first impression. We look at suitable clothes and also…

How to dress on a first date?

Have you met online and is your first appointment waiting for you? We have some tips for you on how to shine and make a great first impression. We will look at suitable clothing and also a few principles that you should follow. Thanks to them, you will enjoy the date 100% and the second meeting will not be long in coming.

Where to meet online

Dating online is perhaps the easiest way to meet someone new. It doesn’t matter your age – you can try dating at any time. Especially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, online dating has experienced a huge boom. Thanks to the profile, you are immediately clear about who it is and whether it is worth making contact .  You can choose from several portals. Some are paid, others are completely free. Also pay attention to their focus. While some are focused on serious relationships, others are focused on flirting and casual meetings. Take a look at dating comparisons and choose the best one for you.


How to prepare for the first meeting

It is important that you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. The last thing you want is to constantly fool yourself and feel uncomfortable just because of your clothes. You will be in charge of much more important things. The first impression is crucial . We are no longer trapped in the virtual reality of lockdown. It’s time to replace your pajama sweatpants with something more representative. Let’s take a look at tips on how to get dressed for your first online meeting.

How to put together an outfit

Already have a meeting place selected? Tap it online. Today, almost every business has a photo or even a virtual tour on the site. Build your outfit depending on where you go . Is it a posh restaurant, bar or cafe? A little different clothes are suitable for every occasion. 

  • During the day for coffee : Try to look natural. Bet on comfort. Dress and cardigan, or jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and sunglasses – the perfect choice for a date during the day in a cafe on the square.
  • Lunch at the restaurant : Whether you opt for a dress or pants with a silk shirt and jacket,the most important thing is self-confidence. That suits you best. Don’t forget makeup. You want to look natural, but at the same time send a signal that you cared.
  • Drink at the bar: Dare to have an evening outfit. Refresh your look with an original accessory or jewelry. You can go to the bar in trousers and a skirt. Don’t be afraid to reach for an interesting top, cuts are in vogue this year. Don’t overdo it with your makeup, but feel free to use a strong lipstick.

Follow these tips:Underline your strengths. Do you have slim shoulders and arms that look fragile and feminine? Clothes on hangers are the right choice. If you are proud of your long legs, display them in small black or tight skinny pants. Be creative – the possibilities are infinite. 

Details, details and details again

Trifles and details are often what our counterpart remembers us the most. Take a look at the perfume comparison and choose the one that enchants your surroundings. Don’t forget the manicure. You definitely don’t want to show up on your first date with bitten nails or peeling varnish. 

Choose a color that flatters you

You may have heard of color psychology and that not every color fits your skin and hair color. Whatever you think about it, keep it in mind. Colors can send signals to your surroundings and affect what others think of you . This is especially important when making a first impression. Work with it. And don’t forget that color should also underline your strengths and flatter you . If you feel good in black and you know it suits you, reach for it at the first meeting.

What to avoid

Less is sometimes more. On a first date, this is doubly true. Don’t overdo it with makeup . And when it comes to clothing, we don’t recommend reaching for extravagant models. It pays to bet on basic pieces, simplicity and elegance. 

If you are hesitant about how much to wear, then proven advice. Half-naked, you would definitely not make a good first impression. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a miniskirt. If you reveal your legs, balance it with a long-sleeved blouse and low heels. Conversely, the exposed back and large neckline will not look cheap if you wear a maxi skirt or long pants. But definitely don’t wear anything you can’t walk in or sit comfortably .

We keep our fingers crossed that your first date will be a success. And don’t forget – self-confidence is the most important thing. Keep this in mind when putting out the outfit and you can’t reach out.

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