Don’t know what to wear? Sports fashion strikes back!

Sports fashion is comfortable. One would think that creating an outfit from sportswear is no science. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind. At all…

Sports fashion is comfortable. One would think that creating an outfit from sportswear is no science. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind. We will look at all of them in the following article. Find out how to wear sports fashion.

Sports fashion is constantly returning. And it also belongs to the trends for 2022 . We are all used to our comfort at home office and online teaching. So why give it up now? If leggings or sweatpants are comfortable for you, it definitely does not mean that you cannot go with them other than in the gym or at home. In this article, we will look at how to combine sports fashion and how to wear it so that you feel great and in your skin.


Rules for wearing sports fashion

  • Dare . Don’t just go in black. Try to combine patterns and colors. For example, in addition to traditional black, Adidas has introduced a collection full of distinctive patterns that will captivate you at first sight. It can give her geometric shapes, but also inspiration from the world of animals and nature.
  • Invest . Get a few pieces that are more expensive, but look really good. It can be, for example, a distinctive sweatshirt with an Adidas inscription, a typical logo and an interesting texture and cut. And with such a sweatshirt, you can combine basically anything, even cheaper leggings or pants.
  • Watch the materials . Be especially careful with leggings. Underwear and cellulite can be seen through lower quality pieces. Just bend over and the fashionable faux-pas is born. If you want leggings, buy ones that are strong, opaque, such as a durable functional fabric. You can find such ones, for example, in the Nike leggings collection . If you want to flatter your figure, look for pieces with a higher waist or shaping types.
  • Stick to the sports wave . A vintage jacket with fringes or earrings as a ball gown is not very suitable for a sporty look, unless you have a polished feeling. Try glasses with an original design or an ordinary black leather jacket.
  • Dress wisely. Sports fashion is great, but nothing should be exaggerated. Going out in a sports bra and shorts? Don’t really do that.

How to wear sports fashion?

In the next chapter, we’ll look at specific tips on how to wear sports fashion.

Neutral colors are a sure bet

Although interesting patterns and color accents are in vogue, neutral colors are a sure bet. Sports fashion looks especially good when you tune it in monochrome in black, white, gray or beige. For whites, watch out for shades, you really need to hit them all in the same palette. Or a combination of white and black – a duo that has never betrayed anyone before.

Streetwear and sports shoes

The basis is always quality shoes, perfectly cleaned! We don’t walk around the city in dirty shoes, in which we ran around the playground or in the mountains. Therefore, you should buy a pair for both sports and a pair for everyday wear.

Sneakers are now in vogue both on higher platforms and with lower soles, with laces or without, ie slip-on. Thanks to the sneakers, you do not destroy the arch of your foot and you have enough space for your toes. They are comfortable and you can have them on your feet without any worries all day.

In particular, white sneakers have been in vogue in recent years, but who says it has to be just white? If you are feeling bolder colors, no problem. How about patterns? This year, Adidas introduced sneakers with polka dots and colorful accents in its collection.

Don’t just rely on functional materials

Functional materials are reliable, but you should definitely not just dress in them. Be aware that tight clothing can take off from time to time and does not always look good. It’s not just about the character, but also about how you combine the whole look.

Bet on old-school sportswear such as cotton T-shirts, bushy sweatshirts and sweatpants. Just choose the right size – you don’t have to worry about getting lost in your clothes (although oversized is of course allowed). Just imagine the convenience!

Sweatpants for tying? Go to them

Do you decide between leggings and sweatpants to tie? Try the latter. With the help of a rubber / tying string, you can highlight the hip area and at the same time flatter the figure, unlike elastic leggings, which do not always succeed. It is probably clear to you that buttons and zippers do not fit very well into sportswear style, so bet on a proven classic.

How to improve the overall outfit?

Sports fashion looks good on its own. But if you’re watching celebrities, you’ve probably noticed that Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, for example, like to add elements from slightly different styles to sports fashion.

With more elegant or sexy pieces, they will take the whole look to a completely different level. If you are not afraid to experiment a bit and you have an eye for fashion, feel free to try it. What about such a blazer or the already mentioned leather jacket ? And in the winter, reach for your cashmere coat again . Finally, you can bet on a luxury handbag or other accessories .

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