10 tips on how to buy shoes online

Internet sales are already commonplace and are slowly becoming an increasingly important source of sales. However, many people are still skeptical about selling shoes online. After all,…Internet sales are already commonplace and are slowly becoming an increasingly important source of sales. However, many people are still skeptical about selling shoes online. After all, the shoe should fit exactly on the foot, so some people prefer to try on shoes in a stone shop and then buy it in an e-shop.

However, going to the store is definitely not necessary by doing it purely online. I will advise you on how to make everything run smoothly, including a possible return of the wrong size .

Shop at stores with the option to return shoes for free

Some fashion eshops like Crocs allow you to return purchased goods for free. This is especially useful for shoes, because you may not always be able to hit the right size or the actual size may vary slightly depending on the brand.

Probably the easiest way to “return free” is through a sticker with a return address, which will come with the order. If necessary, just stick the sticker on the box and take it to the post office, you don’t have to pay anything, the postage will be paid by the recipient. You can find this method on Zoot.cz, for example. Another possibility is that the merchant will reimburse you the price of postage together with the returned money.

Be careful, however, unfortunately even today some shops do not offer free returns, often it is international e-shops that have higher costs with the return of goods to their warehouse in Europe. For example, Bonprix.cz is one of the larger ones. Also pay attention to the period in which you can return the purchase, the law always guarantees you at least 14 days.

Buy more of the same shoes of a different size

If you are not sure which shoe will fit you, you can try to order several different sizes and try everything at home. You will then return the sizes that are not free to you. However, you need to make sure that the store allows free returns, see. paragraph above. Otherwise, your purchase may be more expensive.

Pay for your purchase in advance

In many stores you can find the possibility of free delivery of the order, usually it is conditioned by the minimum value of the purchase, which in most cases you will exceed by buying shoes. However, it often has one more condition. You must pay by card or bank transfer. Unfortunately, free cash on delivery is still a rare phenomenon today.

So if you pay for your purchase in advance (bank transfer, payment by card, Paypal), you can save several tens of crowns for cash on delivery.

Use the help in the store

Some stores have very well-crafted help on product sizes. The size 40 shoe may actually be a little different from Adidas and Nike in reality, but fortunately some e-shops already take these (small) differences into account and warn the customer before buying. It is therefore worth reading the size notes directly from the merchant. Answear.cz, for example, has worked well

Use the services to more accurately determine the required size

Today, there are also services that aim to make it easier for you to choose the right size of clothing (in this case, shoes). It works by selecting all the necessary data (in our case, the size of the foot) and the service will then recommend you based on various data and its own database, which size you should choose. You can try the Czech SizeID service, for example . Unfortunately, the expansion of these services among traders is not very large yet.

Compare with a similar brand of shoes you already have

If you already have a pair of shoes of the same brand that you want to buy, it can help you as a good guide. Brands usually stick to one line in terms of size, and if your size 40 shoes are good for you, it is likely that the same size of another model of the brand will fit you.

Don’t be fooled by the photo

Photography may be misleading, especially if only the original directly from the manufacturer is available. This is not the rule, but most large fashion e-shops take pictures of the products themselves, these photos usually have a greater telling value than those directly to the manufacturer. But even so, you may be unpleasantly surprised at home after opening the shipment, unfortunately there is no way to avoid this, perhaps only once again recommend choosing stores that offer free returns.

Take advantage of the discount coupon

You can save more than you think with almost every purchase. And it’s not necessarily a discount or a sale. Try to look for a discount coupon , maybe you will be lucky and you will not want a discount. In addition to discount coupons, however, you can also use cashback, which is a service that will return some of the money from your purchase. Try to look before buying, maybe you can save some money this way.

The difference between a shopping club and a classic e-shop

Finally, an even smaller warning about buying fashion in general. Be careful whether you shop in an e-shop or in a so-called shopping club. At first glance, they may be indistinguishable, but the difference is crucial.

The store usually has everything in stock, it guarantees the quality and originality of the purchased goods (at least the larger stores) and you will receive the order the next day. The shopping club works on the principle of “mass shopping”, when it publishes an offer (usually branded items at lower prices than are normally available), waits until a sufficient number of customers buy everything and then orders everything with a mass discount. The main difference is in the time of delivery. While the e-shop usually delivers the goods in a matter of days at the shopping club, it is not uncommon to wait longer than a month. In addition, some unverified shopping clubs may have problems with the originality of the goods.

This is definitely not to say that you should avoid shopping balls, there are proven ones where you don’t have to worry too much (eg Bigbrands.cz), yet it is better to realize the difference between a store and a shopping club.

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