What clothes will slim your figure?

Do you want to look slimmer? Just put on the right clothes. Find out what pieces you should not miss and how to combine them correctly. We will point out what to focus on and what to avoid.

Do you want to look slimmer? Just put on the right clothes. Find out what pieces you should not miss and how to combine them correctly. We will point out what to focus on and what to avoid. We will also talk about colors and patterns and how you can use them to your advantage.

How to achieve a slim figure

The pursuit of a slim figure is a lifelong endeavor for many of us. Fortunately, nutritional counseling is more affordable today and weight loss is easier. For example, keto diets and free exercises are available online. But we can also feel better thanks to cleverly chosen clothes. How to do it? Here you will find tricks that always work.


Start with the underwear

You can be dressed best. But if you have too little underwear that pushes into the folds, it’s nothing nice. Not to mention the discomfort that will affect your self-confidence. As for the bra , it is especially important that it fits perfectly. Otherwise you may damage your back. Lined cups are ideal for lifting breasts without bones. If you create more space between the waist and chest, you will emphasize the silhouette and you will look softer.

As for the panties, there is no need to wear a drawstring. They are not very suitable for everyday wear, as they create pressure and are not twice as comfortable. We recommend a seamless model made of high-quality breathable material.

Black nylons

Black nylons optically slimmer and lengthen your legs . You can wear this practical accessory almost all year round. We definitely do not recommend the body color variant, it adds pounds. The same is true of some patterns. The most ordinary black translucent ones are simply a sure bet. Don’t forget to add heeled shoes, they also have a similar effect.

Black nylons for slimming.

Monochrome outfit

The monochrome outfit is composed of one color or its different shades. If you want to look slimmer, you have two options. Either reach for the color that creates the desired illusion, or deceive the eye with layering.

Dark colors such as black, burgundy, moss green, dark purple, navy blue, etc. are best in this respect . Vibrant and light colors such as orange, yellow or menthol, on the other hand, can draw attention to problematic areas. Every fold and hole is visible on them. If you still want to wear a light color, layer – pants, T-shirt, long blazer, etc.

High-waisted trousers and tucked-on t-shirt

A few years ago it was a fashionable faux pas, today they are in fashion. High waist trousers are exactly what you need for a slimmer silhouette. In addition, if you tuck the shirt in, you will emphasize the waist and upper body. Try for yourself that the outfit immediately looks better than when the shirt is out.

Cop tops and shorter jackets

If you want to not only slim down, but also look taller, you need to focus on your legs . These need to be lengthened , and the top of the body shortened. You can achieve this with a crop top and shorter cut jackets. Of course, you don’t have to show your belly. They can be combined, for example, with skirts or trousers with a high waist.

The neckline and the importance of the vertical

The neckline narrows the shoulder area and emphasizes the vertical line of the figure . The emphasis on the horizontal, such as horizontal stripes and other patterns, expands the body. Conversely, when you focus on the vertical, you optically narrow the body. This can be achieved not only by the neckline, but also the stripes and the right silhouette, which will be created by, for example, wrap skirts or dresses.

Oversized pieces

Under oversized pieces, you can easily hide a few extra pounds. But beware – it’s not about getting completely lost in your clothes. Choose a combination that covers the problem areas but also highlights your strengths. For example, you can detect slim calves and wrists. A long coat is always a sure bet. A dress and a longer jacket that hide a bigger ass also work well. Or midi skirts and a bushy sweater.

Oversize clothes.


Another retro piece. Don’t be afraid of them. As the cut gradually widens, it creates the illusion of longer legs . In addition, if you reach for bells with a high waist, you will slim down and emphasize the waist. This is because it will always look smaller than it actually is compared to the wide bottom of the trousers. Add heel shoes and you’ve won.

Clamped long sleeves

Although the pleated and pleated sleeves look beautiful, they are more in a horizontal line and unnecessarily expand your silhouette. On the other hand, with the long sleeves fastened , you will emphasize the vertical and make you look slimmer. It doesn’t matter if you bet on a t-shirt with sleeves up to your wrist or a dress with ¾ sleeves, both have the same effect.

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