Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 in the first test

The Galaxy Z Fold is already in its fifth round this year, with the Flip it’s only the fourth attempt despite the identical numbering. Reason enough for the South Korean manufacturer to invite media from all over the world to Seoul, the capital of Samsung. There we not only attended the unveiling of the new foldables live, we were also allowed to test them extensively. We will describe our first impressions of the new Galaxy Watches and the Tab S9 family in a separate place.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Finally completely sealed

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 finally closes completely. However, the other innovations are manageable.
What was still touted as an important feature in parts of the competition is now finally also available in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5: a tightly closing folding mechanism . Up to the direct predecessor from 2022 ( for testing ), there was always a small gap between the two halves, which left the door open to dirt and dust.
The hinge itself is hardly different from other providers or the predecessors. It opens with a little force and can be opened as far as you like. It still looks stable and of high quality. The kink on the inside is of course noticeable, but it doesn’t bother you too much when you’re using it.
The weight and dimensions differ only slightly from the Fold 4: According to Samsung, the new fold weighs 253 grams and is 13.4 millimeters thick when folded . It lies well in the hand, but is still not ideal for all trouser pockets.
Inside is a 7.6-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,176 x 1,812 pixels. The refresh rate is the well-known dynamic 120 Hertz. On the outside, the Fold 5 offers 6.2 inches with 2,316 x 904 pixels in 23:9 format. Unlike the Google Pixel Fold (test), the Galaxy’s external display is again quite thin, making it difficult to type on the narrow keyboard.
The biggest improvement in the Fold 5 is its new processor. As in the S23 flagships, the Samsung-optimized Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy is used here. Coupled with 12 GB of RAM, the performance should be at the usual high level in the stress test. The battery efficiency should also increase, the battery capacity is the same as before at 4,400 mAh . IPX8 water protection , a triple outdoor camera and the ability to charge wirelessly are also returning and promise only marginal deviations from the usual .
Overall, the Fold 5 feels like a logical progression from Samsung’s foldable series, but without offering any real innovations. Externally and functionally, when you first use it, it differs little or not at all from the previous year. The CPU is up to date, the hinge closes tightly, the flash has been pushed next to the cameras – that’s pretty much it.
Only our detailed test should reveal whether the Fold 5 really achieves significant leaps in terms of performance, camera and battery. Until then, it remains more of a new first choice than a must-have for Fold fans. So far there is no real reason to upgrade.

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