Newest Samsung phones

The newest Samsung  phone!! Top model, strong specs, can be used in many ways such as Professional camera phone Comes with a durable battery for playing games, working, and making video calls. Some models are foldable. and many other functions for you to open up new experiences Enjoy using your mobile phone more. Definitely likes the new generation. Comes with the price of the device!!

1. Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung S23 Ultra is said to be the top model , pleasing people who like to take photos. and content production line This model has 5 high-resolution cameras. The wide-angle camera of this new phone has a maximum resolution of 200MP and can zoom 100 times . For example, having a video mode has clear quality. Because of the zoom feature, you can go far. But still get good quality pictures that are not broken. To please people who like to watch concerts. Must not miss this model !!

As for the design of the machine, it gives a luxurious feeling. Equipped with an S Pen that responds as quickly as drawing on paper, the new Samsung S23 Ultra phones come in memory sizes from 8 – 12GB and capacities from 256GB – 1TB. 

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 | S23+

Newly launched with the Samsung Galaxy S23 | S23+, the Android 13 operating system that uses a specially produced Qualcomm chipset. It is a chip that has a higher clock speed. It has a 3-lens 50MP rear camera and a 12MP front camera that is considered to have resolution and quality. As for the external design of the mobile phone, there are 3 camera lenses convex from the back cover. The shape is still similar to the original. But there are rounded corners. And the edges of the machine are a little square. 

The highlight of the Galaxy S23 is also a superior gaming phone. There is a feature called Pause USB Power Delivery that allows the phone to use power directly from the charging cable. No need to charge the battery at the same time. Helps reduce machine heat while playing games. Suitable as a mobile phone for playing games To please gamers!!

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Foldable mobile phone with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 where Samsung wants to present a new design phone that is beautiful and elegant and easy to carry anywhere. Comes with a camera that elevates hands-free photography with a screen size of up to   6.7 inches, 12MP rear camera specs and a 3700mAh battery with 25W fast charging .  

Temporary waterproof properties And waterproof to a depth of no more than 1.5 meters . There are many colors to choose from: Bora Purple (Purple), gray-black (Graphite), pink (Pink Gold) and blue (Blue). Suitable for people who like new design mobile phones. Easy to take.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z fold4

New phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z fold4 that can be folded Comes with a 7.6- inch screen, 50MP rear camera and 10 megapixel front camera . Can use mobile phones to play games. Or work smoothly on your smartphone Quickly switch between apps with the Taskbar. Easy to use, just like a PC . No need to press in and out to switch applications back and forth, including Microsoft Outlook on this smartphone. Supports the automatic handwriting-to-text conversion feature and has an S Pen that allows you to write , take notes , and drag and drop other document files.

5. Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy A54, a smartphone for the new generation Can collect every detail There are up to rear cameras that come with Auto Focus. Take both still photos and videos. There is a 6.4- inch screen and a   5000mAh battery that can be used for a long time. No more worrying about the battery running out during the day. It has a rear camera with a resolution of up to 50 MP and a front camera of 32 MP. Let’s just say that anyone who is a traveler would recommend this model. Any type of light can handle it. Even if you take pictures at night Or in low light, the camera will automatically switch to night mode. Including having fun taking selfies with the front camera that is sharp, high resolution, bright colors and clear focus.  

As for the back cover material, it is different because the Galaxy A34 uses Glasstic material and the Galaxy A54 uses glass material. Can be waterproof and dustproof according to IP67 standards . I must say that this is a new phone that is a great value, takes beautiful photos , can play games or watch movies comfortably.

6. Samsung Galaxy A34 5G

A new phone  with a pleasing design like the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G comes with specs that take beautiful photos. with a high resolution camera The screen is as large as 6.6 inches . There are 3 rear cameras , with a 48 MP main camera and a 13MP front camera.     

Highlights Samsung Galaxy A34 5G can be used smoothly, suitable for watching movies, listening to music , anyone who likes to watch movies or series on Netflix in HD because it can support Widevine level L1 and has dual stereo speakers. Makes you watch movies or watch clips. clearly It is also temporarily waterproof. Waterproof up to meter deep and protected from dust.