How to remove odor from shoes?

Do you have an undesirable odor from your shoes? Not sure how to eliminate shoe odor? Have you bought new shoes and their specific scent is not pleasant for you? Get inspired by the following article, which is full of practical advice and tips.

The smell from shoes can be very unpleasant. However, there are a few simple tricks to help you remove it. What are they like and how can the smell of shoes be prevented? 

The basis of everything is prevention 

It is very easy to prevent the smell from shoes with proper prevention. How to do it?

Bet on quality socks

It probably won’t work without quality socks . Wear only cotton socks, ideally with antibacterial silver fibers. It is true that such socks are more expensive, but also better. So this investment will definitely pay off for you. 

Make sure you choose the right shoes

Try to prefer shoes that are sufficiently breathable .

If you have the opportunity, wear open shoes (slippers, sandals,…) during the day. This makes it easy to prevent your feet from getting wet. Especially in the summer months, try to avoid closed types of shoes and prefer shoes in which your feet will breathe during hot days.

Interesting fact: Did you know that a human foot produces up to 0.5 liters of sweat in one day? If such an amount of sweat has nowhere to evaporate gradually during the day, shoes that are not breathable will naturally start to smell. So breathable shoes are really key. 

Let your shoes ventilate properly

Do not lock your shoes in an airtight shoe box unnecessarily . Occasionally let the shoes ventilate in the fresh air and sun . For the night, you can put special filters in your shoes that absorb moisture and odors.

Take care of your feet

It is a matter of course to have regular daily hygiene and change of socks as needed, even several times a day. You can also bet on a suitable foot cream. 

For example, if you have mold on your feet, seek medical help or consult your pharmacist to correct the problem. Because even foot mold can cause odors. 

Let your feet ventilate properly.

How to get rid of shoe odor? 

Whether it’s sneakers, ankle boots, boots, sports shoes, skates or, for example, skis, the smell of shoes can really bother the owner and his surroundings. If you are also bothered by the smell from your shoes, they definitely do not have to throw the shoes away immediately. With a few tricks, you can easily get rid of the unpleasant smell from your shoes . At the same time, however, it is necessary to follow several of the above-mentioned preventive steps, which can easily prevent the formation of further odors. 

You can remove odors by washing them in the washing machine . However, not all shoes can be washed in this way, as they could be irreversibly damaged. 

Antibacterial sprays for shoes and fresheners

Antibacterial sprays, deodorants and fresheners , which are specially designed to eliminate unpleasant odors , can be considered the most common way to remove odors from shoes . Although these sprays are very effective, it is very likely that in case of a strong odor you will have to use the spray repeatedly and only one application will definitely not be enough. 

In addition to shoe sprays, special granules containing activated carbon are also available on the market, which also absorb the odor.  

Bet on the effects of grandma’s advice

In addition to various shoe sprays, the years of proven grandmother’s advice , which our ancestors already trusted, can also help you with the smell of shoes . You can see for themselves how effective they are.

  • Spray the shoes with water with vinegar, lemon juice or vodka and let them dry well.
  • Pour the inside of the shoes with baking soda or baking powder and leave on overnight.
  • Fill the sock with cat litter and put it in the shoes. 
  • Put a broken incense stick in your shoes for a while 
  • For a few days, put the dry leaves of the lovage in the shoe and let its fragrant tones let your shoes smell pleasant.
  • You can also try to put dried lavender (or a bag of lavender) in your shoe.
  • Put your shoes in the freezer for 2 days . In addition to the smell, you will rid your shoes mainly of bacteria. 

All of the above tips are definitely not a sure bet and will not guarantee you 100% elimination of unpleasant odors. But some of them work really well and are definitely worth a try. 

Shoe sprays.

How to remove odor from new shoes?

However, the unpleasant smell does not have to bother you only with shoes that you have been wearing regularly for some time. Unpleasant abrasions can also come from just bought shoes . In this case, it is more of a so-called smell / smell of novelty. You can easily deal with that too. 

To remove the smell from new shoes , you can use all the above-mentioned tips and grandmother’s advice, which can easily deal with an unpleasant smell. 

However, there are several other options that you can try when removing the odor from new shoes. 

Shoe shampoo

A special shoe shampoo is a special shoe shampoo . It is used for manual washing of shoes, which cleans, disinfects and removes odors. 

You can buy such a shampoo in any shoes or on the Internet.

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