How to prevent swollen feet?

Can uncomfortable swelling of the legs have several causes? Which are they and how can they be easily prevented? You can read this in the following article.

What are the most common causes of foot swelling?

Swollen legs can have several causes. The most common causes are:

  • little physical activity
  • overweight or obesity
  • inappropriate shoes or clothes
  • hot tubs and saunas
  • frequent and prolonged sunbathing
  • long standing or sitting
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • low fluid intake
  • hormonal changes

All of the above causes can be considered the most common. Of course, swollen legs can have many more causes. For example, it may be the result of a venous disease that your doctor needs to help you with. 

How can swollen feet be prevented? 

You can easily fight swollen legs with a few simple tricks. What are they like? 

  • drink enough
  • taste the power of citrus
  • move regularly
  • quit smoking
  • live healthy
  • say goodbye to tall boats
  • bet on a good rest

How to prevent swollen feet.

Drink enough

Adequate fluid intake is essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism. The right drinking regimen helps to dilute the blood and thus prevent venous problems and unpleasant swellings. Conversely, dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches and even failure of the whole organism. 

Taste the power of citrus

On hot days, you can try to bet on the strength of citrus. Not only will the water with citrus pleasantly refresh you, but at the same time you can do something for your health. Citrus contains natural flavonoids, which help increase venous wall tension and microcirculation. 

Citrus as a prevention of foot swelling.

Move regularly

Our legs suffer the most in a long stationary position , when the blood circulation slows down and unpleasant stiffening and heaviness occur. Therefore, try to avoid long sitting or standing and, conversely, devote enough time to active movement . A short walk, swimming or yoga can greatly relieve your swelling. At the same time, you will do something for your health. 

If you don’t have enough time for sports activities right now, you can bet on a short stretch . This will help stimulate blood circulation and relieve unpleasant pressure in your legs. 

Stop smoking

Another cause of swelling in the legs can be smoking or alcohol – an unhealthy lifestyle . Therefore, if you decide to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, it will certainly not only appreciate your feet, but your whole body. 

Live healthy

By combining a healthy lifestyle, active exercise and sufficient fluid intake, you can positively affect the whole organism . This includes foot swelling. In addition, thanks to this lifestyle, you will certainly feel much better. 

Sport as a prevention of foot swelling.

Say goodbye to tall boats

Tight trousers, socks with a tightened elastic band or high-heeled pumps can intensify the swelling of the feet even more. Therefore, prefer looser and more comfortable pieces in which you will feel comfortable. Such pieces will not oppress your venous system and thus lead to swelling. In general, try to focus more on comfortable shoes (which can also look very elegant nowadays). You usually don’t make a mistake, even if you reach for shoes from high-speed stores such as Reserved, CCC, or Humanic .

Bet on a good rest

It is important to give your feet the best care and not overload them unnecessarily. You can try a nice massage or simply put your feet up The alternating shower also works great . Thus, the alternation of hot and cold water, which stimulates blood circulation, will support the right venous system and relieve pain. 

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