How to combine yellow shoes !

If you think that combining yellow shoes is complicated or that you can only wear them as an accessory that stands out in the most sober outfits, you are wrong! The footwear in the different yellow tones gives a lot of play and not only looks good with neutral colors like black or white; in fact, there are tons of options to create a stylish, eye-catching, and pretty look with yellow or mustard-colored shoes.

How to combine yellow heels

If you are wondering how to combine yellow shoes because you have yellow heels in your closet and you don’t know how to take advantage of them, we offer you several options below, one of which is still one of the great classics : heels with skinny pants.

Sure hit if the goal is to stylize your loses and find an elegant and sophisticated look but not necessarily very well thought out. Try wearing them with tight black pants, with a gray one or with one with neutral squares to set your own style , we leave you some proposals!

How to wear yellow sneakers

We explain how to combine yellow tennis shoes so that you can take advantage of this striking color with some of your favorite clothes. For both a bright yellow and mustard color combination, here are some great options:

  • Classic Jeans Look : Both classic blue jeans and black jeans are perfect for pairing yellow sneakers. Whether it’s summer or winter, accompany the look with a fine white, black or other neutral colored shirt (or t-shirt).
  • Bold and fun look : if you like fashion and prefer to risk limiting yourself with neutral colors, do not hesitate to take advantage of yellow to create a most colorful outfit!
  • Elegant but informal look : another outfit with yellow tennis shoes for women consists of combining your sneakers with a jumpsuit, a dress or a comfortable skirt that you like. If you do not want to risk more than necessary, we recommend you bet on neutral colors. Do you want a more sophisticated touch in this informal outfit? Bet on a yellow or neutral-colored blazer and choose a bag in the same color as your shoes.


    They are the winter footwear par excellence and you have a thousand models to choose from, from absolutely flat to those that opt ​​for a comfortable medium heel. If you love boots and you have yellow ones, make the most of them with looks that are as groundbreaking as they are elegant!

    Combine your yellow boots, for example, with a skirt or palazzo pants where autumn tones predominate: brown, ocher, orange… of course, if you wonder how to combine mustard yellow shoes , you can also make your boots the protagonists of a more sober outfit where black predominates.

    With matching top

    To combine the mustard color , or any other type of yellow, wearing the shoes and the bag in the same hue is an option, but you can also achieve a balanced and harmonious image by following other style rules, such as the one we propose to you. continuation. Combine your mustard yellow shoes with an oversized sweater of the same color, with a jacket or, if it’s summer, with a shirt or t-shirt of the same hue.

    looking for contrast

    Yellow shoes are a magnificent choice to break with the sobriety of any look that opts for monocolor. Without a doubt, they will stand out especially if you include them as a contrasting touch in a total black . Imagine them as a complement to a sober dark suit jacket or in bird’s-eye fabric, or as a touch of color that enhances a sophisticated black dress.

    With the range of gray

    Gray in its different shades is one of the kings of winter fashion, and if you think it involves looks that are too dull and sad… you haven’t tried combining garments of this color with yellow shoes! Whether you are wondering how to combine beige shoes or if you have a stronger shade of yellow, the following ideas will enchant you.

    bold and elegant

    There are still people who consider that the combination of bright colors is too much for them, however, from oneHOWTO we encourage you to bet on fashion and abandon the prejudices that always lead us to combine colorful shoes with the most neutral outfits.

    How to combine yellow shoes for men

    It is clear that you are a man or a woman, you can follow the rules and advice that we have proposed so far, however, if you want some specific ideas of looks for men , we advise you to take a look at our following options.

    • Yellow has burst into force this autumn-winter season and it’s time to give it a try when it comes to dressing your feet. It is an intense, youthful and cheerful color that combines great with more colors than you think. Try and invent new combinations with your yellow shoes, whether you want to achieve a harmonious outfit, playing with warm tones from the same range, such as soft oranges or ochres, or if your objective is to create beautiful contrasts playing with blacks, grays or blues. .
    • One last note: this is a color with a leading role of its own, so the best way to wear yellow shoes is not to overload the outfit. Carrying them correctly, you will need few more accessories.

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