How to clean a red wine stain?

Did your welder splash your coat during the Christmas markets, have a colleague pour you at a company party, or did your child pour you a couple at home, which you prepared for the evening movie? Don’t despair. We have a few tips for you on how you can get rid of red wine stains effectively and easily. 

Although at first glance it may seem that the fabric soiled by red wine is irretrievably destroyed, this is not the case. There are a few simple tweaks that can easily remove stains from textiles. And even the dry ones. So how do you remove red wine stains? How to deal with dried wine stains? And what commonly available ingredients can you use to remove red wine stains? You can read all this in the following article.

Spilled wine.


How to ideally clean a red wine stain?

Whether you have a stain of red wine on your clothes, you have watered the carpet or even a sofa, it is important to start cleaning the stains right away 

Red wines, especially those of some varieties, contain a relatively strong natural coloring. Cheaper wines, on the other hand, can be artificially colored. In both cases, however, the dye penetrates the textile fibers very quickly. Therefore, the faster you neutralize the stains the greater the chance that you will get rid of them . So wherever you have a wine stain, try not to delay cleaning it unnecessarily.

Helpers to remove red wine stains

There are a number of different cleaning products on the market that already say on the front label that they are guaranteed to clean every stain from red wine, grass, blood and coffee in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, at the moment when we would need such a product the most, we usually do not have it at hand. However, you can purchase at least one such item in stock, for possible future accidents. Their price is not high.

However, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers already knew very well that the ingredients we all normally have at home would be perfect for removing red wine stains . Which are they?

  • salt
  • soda
  • lemon
  • White wine


Table salt is best for accidents with red wine . But a pinch will not be enough for you. You will need it so much to cover the stain in a higher layer. When you do this, the salt absorbs all the liquid quickly, and it can also remove a large part of the dye from the fabric. 

So if you decide to clean the salts, let it work for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash the clothes in the washing machine as soon as possible.

If you are dealing with a stain on the carpet or other fabric that you cannot wash in an automatic washing machine , let the salt work for at least an hour, then vacuum it and repeat the whole procedure once more. Finally, clean the area with a sponge and clean warm water.


If you pour the wine, for example, on a carpet or sofa, dry the place as quickly as possible with paper towels or handkerchiefs and pour it over soda, sparkling water or mineral water (bubbles can release dirt soaked into the fibers). After a while, dry the place again, and if the maps remain visible on the fabric, gently clean them with a sponge and soapy water. Finally, wipe the area thoroughly with clean water.


Lemon juice also works great for red wine stains and stains . The best is the freshly squeezed one. In an emergency, however, feel free to use the purchased lemon concentrate. 

Pour lemon juice over the stained area, still cover the stain with a slice of lemon and leave the whole effect for at least five minutes. Then rinse the fabric in the sink and finally wash it in the washing machine.

White wine

It may sound crazy, but this grandma’s council really works. You can also remove the red wine stain with white wine . It contains tartaric acid, thanks to which the red dye will release. Finally, wash the fabric in your hand with soapy water and then wash in a washing machine. You will see how great this method works. 

How to wash a wine stain in the washing machine?

How to clean already dried red wine stains?

If you notice the stains on the red wine clothes later or for some reason did not solve it for a long time, soak the fabric in warm milk for a few minutes and then wash it in the usual way.

Instead of hot milk, you can also try a vinegar bath of about three tablespoons of vinegar and three liters of water, in which you immerse the clothes for at least half an hour. 

Ammonia water is also very effective , which you prepare by mixing 200 milliliters of water with 1 tablespoon of ammonia. But first try this method on a less visible piece of cloth, what this miraculous cocktail will do to it. Then wash clothes normally.

How to remove red wine stains from the wall?

If you managed to stain the wall from red wine as part of a boisterous home party, it will be a bit of a problem. Therefore, if you do not paint with a wipe. Despite the ordinary color, however, the red wine immediately soaks into the plaster and you probably have no choice but to carefully scrape and repaint the place.

We believe that our practical guide to removing wine stains and that you will now know how to successfully deal with red wine accidents. 

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