As you girls already know, the idea for us fatties is to look for fashionable clothes for every occasion in which we can feel, regal, pretty and comfortable, and for this I have been giving you various tips to know how to choose  in order to be able to hide our “problem” areas.

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* To choose your swimsuit , look for the color and quality of fabric that accentuate your best features, and to do so you should use a bright color, with a design or print. Otherwise  , to hide something you don’t like, use a solid color.

* If your skin is very light, wear your swimsuit in black or a firm shade, such as dark purple, navy blue, and brown. If your skin is dark, the swimsuit that will suit you best should have bright colors.

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*To add volume to the bust or hips, choose a swimsuit that has ruffled pieces in that area. To reduce volumes in certain areas, gathering or ribbing are ideal.

* High bikinis make your legs look longer. If you are short, or have a long torso, this is a good choice. If you have small breasts and want them to look a little bigger, this may be an option.

* Bikini tops that tie in the front draw attention to the bust, and push the breasts together, making them appear larger.

* If you have a large bust, look for a straight cut in the bikini top with wide straps to minimize it.

Get ready, summer is coming, choose fashionable clothes and outfits and feel really comfortable on those sunny days.
Choose what you really like and wear it .

* Choose the right cut. A one-piece swimsuit hides your waist. Choose one with the fabric gathered at the stomach, or in a dark, solid color. If you love your waist but not so much your hips or bust, choose a  tankini .

One-piece swimsuits  can be very sexy, especially when you choose them  in cute colors and ones that fit your body well. Don’t follow fashion if it doesn’t flatter your body type.

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Don’t be afraid to buy separate pieces that don’t match perfectly. If you want to accentuate your bust but draw attention away from your hips, you can buy the bikini top in a bright or patterned color, and the bottom in black, blue or brown (depending on the top). you can buy trendy swimsuit at arena .