How to arrange a dream locker room step by step – cheaply and practically

A spacious dressing room is no longer a luxury that only celebrities can afford. In houses, its construction is usually calculated automatically, but even in a smaller apartment, it is possible to build a special space for dressing. Wondering how to create a dream locker room without costing you? Our practical tips will help you.

  1. Size and type of dressing room

First of all, ask yourself a few questions and then choose the appropriate type of locker room based on the answers.How much money can you invest in building a locker room? For how many people will the locker room be designed? What are your space options?If you have an unlimited budget, you can have a dressing room made by a carpenter . However, such a cloakroom will then cost you 70,000 crowns , and this will have a significant effect on housing financing .

A popular option is built-in cabinets with sliding doors , which can be a bit cheaper and can be arranged according to need and personal preferences. The cheapest way to solve a dressing room is with a classic wardrobe. It should measure at least 1.5 meters in length and have a depth of at least 60 cm to make your clothes fit comfortably. An ordinary cabinet up to 10,000 crowns equipped with a mirror, which optically enlarges the space, can also make a big show.

  1. Locker room location

A large walk-in closet is a dream of many women, but not all of them can afford the space. Even a smaller chamber, which you don’t use as much, can be turned into a nice dressing room. As far as the location is concerned, it is definitely not the case that the cloakroom must stand unconditionally by the wall. The wardrobe located in the middle of the room can serve as a dividing wall, and if you beautify it from the back with interesting wallpaper, you have a brand new space to place the headboard. 

  1. Interior layout of the dressing room

The internal layout of the closet should suit your personal preferences and especially what clothes you wear most often and how you are used to folding them. For example, if your wardrobe is dominated by clothes and costumes, instead of the classic shelves, you will welcome a longer hanging rod where you can hang your clothes. The clothes rail should be located at a height of 150-180 cm so that the suspended uppers are easily accessible and at the same time do not crease.

Tip: In the walk-in closet, you can then combine a closed wardrobe with an open supporting structure or classic shelves, and always keep your collection of handbags or shoes in sight. 

What equipment in the locker room will you appreciate? The practical helpers you will use in your locker room include:

  • sliding door with travel and ideally with a mirror,
  • classic shelves,
  • drawers of various sizes for underwear, belts, etc.,
  • pull-out boxes and shoe holders,
  • drawers for drawers for storage of accessories, jewelry or watches, 
  • practical LED lighting.
  1. Emphasis on design

Would you like to make an ordinary dressing room, whether walk-through or built-in, a luxurious element of your home? Try to win with accessories – place a velvet stool and a larger plant next to the cabinet. You can also achieve the Hollywood effect with a crystal chandelier, which can be obtained at the bazaar for a good price. And how to make the dressing room completely perfect? Complete it with a dressing table , a sunglasses stand and a vase of cut flowers.

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