Fashion trends : Get to know them and be chic

The year 2023 is just around the corner. Do you know what trends await us? Find out what colors and materials will be in the course and what will be worn. We didn’t forget about accessories or shoes either. Get ready for 2023 with all the coolness!

Sustainability and natural materials are a big trend in fashion in 2024 . Even the fashion industry goes with the times and strives for greener and more responsible production. Smaller brands, which in addition to natural materials also offer their own handicrafts, are among the more expensive, but this investment will definitely pay off for you. Clothes last longer. In addition, you have the chance to catch an original piece that is not mass-produced.

Why give natural materials a chance this year? They are more pleasant and durable than synthetics . Plus, they’re breathable, so you won’t be sweating so much. A typical example is satin. The one made of real silk has amazing properties. The synthetic imitation is unrecognizable at first glance, but it easily sticks, is not breathable at all and does not cool down. Recycled materials , from which accessories are made, as well as mobile phone covers, for example, are also in vogue .

Another typical trend in 2023 will be the return of some elements from the  1990s and fashion around 2000 – hip skirts, wide ribbons, patterns. However, you can also look forward to the wind of the sixties and seventies , ie platform shoes , wide trousers and distinctive (two to three) contrasting colors in one outfit.

Spring 2023

In the spring, distinctive prints and colors will be in vogue, as will neutral colors. For strong colors, don’t be afraid of contrasting combinations and wild ala hippie patterns. And the classic combination of black and white? Mainly in graphic style and precise lines – stripes, zigzag lines, polka dots. A zebra also appears here and there. Don’t forget to layer enough.

in 2022, polka dots will be in vogue

If you are looking for clothes for the company and for special occasions, place a tight-fitting overall or costume instead of a fancy dressTrends are padded shoulders or oversized pants.

The exposed bellies still haven’t left us, so if you like this cut, feel free to incorporate it into the outfit. Even ladies with wider hips do not have to be ashamed, just choose a crop top and a skirt with a high waist.

Are you looking for a spring dress? Reach for those with  fringes . And the color? It’s up to you whether you choose a gentle apricot, decent gray or metallic silver. However, simple models made of long flowing fabrics and minimalist sleeveless mini dresses will also be worn.

We will wear mini-shorts with stockings in the spring . Forget denim models. Choose a piece of colored fabric that will match the coat and top. Ideally, the fabric should be the same to make everything look like a seamstress.


There will also be miniskirts and mini-shorts in the summer . No bermuda shorts! Instead of classic denim, try other, more colorful fabrics. Of course, sequins are also in vogue, so if you want to shine at a party, you know how to do it.

As in 2021, the following year you will encounter  tops with cuts . It’s up to you how much skin you show. Subtle models with a fine cut on the back will also be available.

Summer is full of colors, so don’t hold back. Versace, Valentino and Nina Ricci enchanted the catwalks with vibrant and contrasting shades. If you are a fan of yellow, in 2023 it will be on the course as well as purple .

If you prefer more muted colors, reach for those neutral and inconspicuous darker shades of green and brown. However, it will also be worn white and its shades such as ivory, cream, mother-of-pearl, etc. In the summer steaming you will appreciate these combinations, as well as oversized pants made of natural materials . Wear oversized blouses and shirts. And of course the costumes, they snort all year round and if you buy them from airy material, you can wear them even in summer.

Fashion trends for 2022 are costumes

Autumn winter

The Pantone brand has announced that the color for 2023 will be purple . Incorporate it into your autumn and winter wardrobe. You can opt for tone by tone. Or for contrast, such as purple and green, purple and yellow, etc. Purple is the color of creativity, so really everything is allowed. If you do not dare to make strong colors, choose it as the color of accessories, buy a purple beanie, scarf or handbag.

Knitted pieces will be in fashion – sweaters, cardigans, skirts, dresses, turtlenecks. You will find trousers both tight and looser. Everyone chooses according to their taste. To warm up, choose a long coat (ideally wool or genuine leather) or a quilted jacket, which can again be in a bolder color.

knitted fashion for the year 2022

In the colder months, stratification is key . Clothes and accessories should match the color , so try to incorporate a maximum of three colors into the outfit at once . Although patterns are in vogue this year, it’s important not to overdo it when layering. If you want to wear a patterned dress, don’t wear a patterned coat or a printed jacket. And conversely. It looks best when you combine different textures and fabrics .

Do you want to completely avoid color combinations? A monochrome outfit is allowed in 2023. Ideally in the form of a suit with pants or a miniskirt. And if you’re going to an informal meeting, don’t be afraid to reveal your tummy slightly. But watch out for cold temperatures!

What accessories to wear in 2023

The star of 2023 is a decent beret who will make every young lady a real lady. Scarves will also be worn , it is up to you whether you consider him a rebel or as a movie star.

Furthermore, you can’t do without a wide belt , which you can use for both dresses and sweaters. Since it is mainly purple in fashion, you must not miss a handbag in this shade.

One accessory that was in about 20 years back is back in fashion – a chain on the body , especially around the waist. Furthermore, thick neck chains and, of course, timeless gold , whether in the form of rings or earrings. However, elegant pearls will also be worn . What about shoes? Massive platforms and chelsea shoes.

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