5 tips on how to properly care for jeans

Have you bought new jeans that fit you perfectly and are you now afraid that they will soon wear out with frequent washing? If you give your jeans the right care, they will last you beautifully and like a new one for many years. So how do you take good care of your jeans? You can read this in the following article. 

Every woman and man probably knows that. Finding the perfect jeans that would fit us well can be a nice nut. However, if you succeed, it would be a great pity to lose such jeans by inappropriate treatment. So how do you wash your jeans properly and to how many degrees? How to make jeans ideally dry? Is it good to iron jeans? 

1. Do not wash jeans too often 

Have you been wearing your favorite jeans for 3 days and do you want to wash them? Error. Good jeans last much longer than regular trousers, so they don’t need as much maintenance / washing as they do. 

It is absolutely enough for quality denim trousers to wash them once every 14 days .

More frequent washing gives the jeans a lot of work, and thus loses its shape and color faster. However, if you notice any stain or stain on your jeans, you can wash them earlier. Otherwise, don’t overdo it with their washing.

Tip: Before washing jeans in the washing machine, make sure that the  washing machine is really well cleaned .

2. Bet on hand washing

If you want to take good care of your jeans, you should definitely avoid washing in the washing machine . And that’s a big arc. 

It will be much better if you take the maintenance of jeans into your own hands and occasionally rinse them yourself in the bathtub. Water and soap will suffice for hand washing jeans . Better skip the fabric softener. Jeans are easier to pull on. 

In addition, if you wash your jeans separately in this way, you will also avoid staining other laundry. Denim loves to let go of its color.

However, if you still want to throw jeans in the washing machine, do so only in exceptional cases. The jeans in the washing machine are washed at lower temperatures (ideally at 30 ° C) and also without the use of fabric softener. 

TIP: Add half a cup of vinegar to the water for washing the jeans. The pants will not leave the color.

3. Only upside down

Before you start washing your jeans, make sure you turn them upside down . This is the only way to easily ensure that they always look like new and do not fade unnecessarily .

This rule applies twice if you decide to wash your jeans in the washing machine. The metal drum abrades the material. Also fasten all zippers in advance and do not use spin. This is how you can easily prevent accidental damage to the jeans.

4. Avoid the dryer 

Whether you wash your jeans by hand or in the washing machine, one thing is for sure. Do not put them in the dryer . So if you don’t want to have jeans smaller by a few numbers at once. Because it is in the dryer that the jeans always collide a bit. 

After washing, simply knock them off and hang them on the dryer. To maintain their shape, dry them ideally hung upside down or in a horizontal position 

TIP: While jeans tend to sag in the dryer, they tend to stretch with normal wear. They contain elastane, which is slightly stretched. Therefore, always buy jeans that are tighter for you. They will easily loosen easily and will fit you perfectly. 

5. Iron? Do not iron?

If you care about hanging clothes, you usually don’t need to iron jeans anymore . Due to the tight cut, small imperfections are formed directly on the body. 

However, if you want to feel really comfortable in your jeans, then it pays to turn on the iron at least for a while . After ironing, the jeans will soften beautifully and will be much more comfortable to wear . It is absolutely ideal to take off the jeans from the cord a little damp and iron them inside out.

How did they iron jeans properly?

Interesting at the end 

At the very end of our article, we have prepared one interesting fact for you, which could come in handy when caring for jeans. 

You don’t have to rely on water and soap to remove dirt, odor or bacteria from your jeans. Frost works just as well. Or pack your jeans in a cotton bag or plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight . As soon as you take the jeans out of the freezer in the morning, you will see that they will be like new. 

But don’t leave all the work to frost. Sometimes you change this freezing therapy for water, soap and honest washing.

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