TOP 17 European cities to travel to in 2022

Half a million travelers from 183 countries in the world voted in an annual “poll” about the city, which they say should become the European number 1 destination for 2022. Of the 400 cities, the city won a few hours away by car from the Slovak border. You can read about it and other competing cities in this article. Lots of inspiration in front of us, let’s get started!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, took first place in the vote, and thus won the European Best Destination 2022 award . Not really me. Slovenia has (niele) perfect potential in tourism, they know how to work with it and this is reflected in their activities.

Marbella, Spain

The capital of the sun, Spanish Marbella is a love at first sight for all lovers of good food (Spaniards really know it) and hatching on the beach, but also for hiking enthusiasts or shopping people. If you are currently deciding where to go for a trip in Spain, come here.

Marbella is located a short distance from Malaga, this whole southern part of Spain, Andalusia , is a perfect combination of Spanish culture, beautiful weather, sea breeze and as a bonus there is a piece of England in Gibraltar.

Marbella, Spain

Amalfi Coast, Italy

I traveled the Amalfi Coast cross-country and even all by myself. Of course, I wrote my impressions and tips in the article . It’s my favorite piece of Italy, where I like to go back and even better send people there on vacation. Rocky beaches, lots of delicious ice cream and hot sun along with cute streets mean romance as embroidered.

As soon as I wrote, all the beautiful memories and experiences that I collected here appeared to me. If you can, go, you’ll fall in love! ?

Bavaria region in Germany

The region in the south of Germany, which is most popular with tourists, is Bavaria. The biggest attraction are the incredibly beautiful fairytale castles,  the capital of the region, Munich, and the untamed beer lovers will go to Oktoberfest . Nature is also beautiful here, the Bavarian forests are rich in fauna and flora.

Whether you are building on nature or a city, both options will be the right choice in Bavaria. I leave the choice to you, especially to enjoy it there.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne has become a very popular town in recent years, which I really don’t even wonder about. It’s a place that looks like a holiday card. It is located in the heart of Switzerland , by the lake of the same name, surrounded by the Alps. In at least every other establishment, you will find people sitting on the terrace enjoying raw fondue.

Switzerland is a mega wau country where you will never be bored. Whether you go hiking or skiing, the mountain views will be worth the effort.

Prague, Czech Republic

Hundreds of towers. Is there anyone who has never been here before? I hope not, and if so, then it needs to be rectified urgently. All you have to do is exchange euros and set out to discover the beauties of our close neighbors . I just imagined crossing the borders and immediately my clinkers started to run for a pork-dumpling-cabbage.

Amiens, France

Another less popular city I want to introduce to you is Amiens. Amiens is a culturally soaked city, but it does not lag behind in nature either. Probably the most famous landmark is the cathedral and the fact that this city was the inspiration of the writer Jules Verne, who also settled here. So far, you can feel his presence on the streets.

In the heart of the city lies the Hortillonnages Park, which is one of the most beautiful city parks in Europe. I don’t know about you, but I’d go now, I’m adding this city to my list.

Athens, Greece

A place where history breathes on you every step of the way, you eat delicious food here, life pulsates here and the sun warms up. So are Athens. Not to mention it’s a holiday in a few bucks. Especially if you go out of the high season, then you will catch great prices and a few history enthusiasts who have chosen to discover the hidden beauties of the Greek capital just like you.

You will probably not find the most beautiful Greek beaches here, they will enchant you on Zakynthos , for example , but if you are an urban type, you will enjoy it all the more. More about another Greek island.

Leuven, Belgium

Once again an unexplored Belgian town for me, and I visited Bruges, Ghent and the capital  Brussels . However, it is said to be a really rich city, with perfect architecture, culture, food, art, culture and especially beer . The advantage is that it is relatively compact and you can get everywhere on foot or by bike.

From Belgium, it’s a jump to the Netherlands – its oldest city, Nijmegen, also made it to this list, but I mention it only marginally.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This is one big surprise  for me . If I have someone who has been there, please let me know if it’s worth coming here, because from what I saw in the photos, I want to pack up and come here tomorrow. Plovdiv looks like a beautiful town, exactly my style and I can completely imagine getting lost in those nice streets!

The city of Plovdiv is located in the middle of Bulgaria, so you can get here from both Sofia and Burgas. I’ll probably leave Sofia, they say they have a direct connection.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

London, United Kingdom

Cosmopolitan London will probably always appear on every list. If anyone asks me about Europe’s most multicultural metropolis , I will mention London immediately . You can see up to 300 different languages ​​here! I heard at least 10, then I stopped counting and started enjoying this city.

You can do a million activities here, have fun, eat delicious food, shop, relax with a book in the park or have tea at five. London is really great. And if you go, don’t forget your passport, you will need it when you enter in the autumn of 2021.

Oradea, Romania

I admit that the city of Oradea is a completely unknown corner of Romania for me , but I am all the more open to getting to know it, as I assume that it is a place where there will be a few tourists and it will not be so marked by tourism. I still put it in this article and I won’t keep it to myself, will I?

Oradea is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, its architecture and peace are said to captivate every traveler. I am curious! In addition, it is only a short distance from the border with Hungary.

Oradea, Romania

Rome, Italy

I will say only one thing about Rome. read the description in the photo below, it still tells me from the bottom of my heart. He who doesn’t love Rome probably wasn’t even there.

Graz and Vienna, Austria

We all know these two cities, so I combined them to one point, because they have a lot in common . If you go to Graz, put on your shoes comfortably, your feet will really appreciate it in those alleys. And taste a lot of food here, it’s a culinary experience. The smell of food will intoxicate you from the moment you arrive.

Crete island, Greece

In an article about Crete , my friend Janka wrote: ” Crete is one of my greatest travel loves”  and I can no longer agree. It is a native Greek island, perhaps not as insta-friendly as Zakynthos , but it is all the more popular. And their food! Enjoying dinner with the sunset over the sea is my favorite holiday activity almost everywhere.

Janka also recommends visiting Crete in September, crowds of tourists are leaving, the sun is still baking, but not as hard as in summer, and finally you can go hiking – provided you don’t want to lie on the beach.

Istanbul, Turkey

Yes, Istanbul is still part of Europe , because this city is located on two continents and one continent. Complicated, but even more beautiful city, where you can indulge in liters of Turkish tea or even a strong “Turk”, but also visit breathtaking mosques intertwined with a rich history.


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